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Hyundai Junbok, embracing the stars of Korean football – new today

Commissioner Ji-sung Park. [사진=전북현대]
Commissioner Ji-sung Park. [사진=전북현대]
[이뉴스투데이 전북취재본부 김은태 기자] Junbok Hyundai appointed Park Ji-sung, the eternal captain of Korean football, as the club’s adviser on the 19th.

Junbok Hyundai will appoint former national team leader Ji-sung Park as the club’s advisor who will serve as an advisor to the selection, development and reviews of professionals and youth players, and the presentation of a training system.

Ji-sung Park, who first forged a relationship with the K-League through a Hyundai junkbook, plans to showcase that so far has not been featured in the K-League by combining the knowledge and advanced system he learned while playing at big clubs like Japan, England and the Netherlands.

Park, who plays a part-time consultant while traveling between the UK and Korea, will also serve as technical director in certain areas, including transfers and recruiting players for professional teams and youth.

During his active career, Commissioner Ji-sung participated in three World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010, and played an active part in the British Premier League, Manchester United and PSV Eindhoven, as the best player in the world.

Commissioner Park Ji-sung said, “I am very happy to be in the K League for the first time,” he said. “I am so grateful to the club for providing this opportunity and I will try to achieve good results with a Hyundai Jeunbuck. “

He also said, “I saw and learned from the advanced systems in Europe while experiencing different leagues from Japan, the Netherlands and the UK, and I learned long after retirement.” “Based on all the things I’ve seen and learned, the Jeunbuck Hyundai has shown the direction to move forward and the club I will do my best to be strong and healthy.”

Beyong-Gil Hu CEO said that “the recruitment of consultant Ji-sung Park is designed to evolve by integrating the global system into the overall part of the club’s professionals and youth,” he said.

On the other hand, Commissioner Ji-sung Park will descend to Namaha, where training takes place in the winter on the 22nd and a meeting will be held with the athletes and the training team.

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