Saturday , October 1 2022

"I have a lot of words and lots of people" appointment of second deputy mayor of Yongin City


Ion In-can (left) and second deputy mayor Kim Dae-jung (Jungin)
[용인=이데일리 김아라 기자] There is controversy when the mayor of Uniq Bak Yongkai appointed the former city councilor as deputy mayor 2. It is unusual to go to the executive cadres after the head of the inspecting the city.

Kim Dae-jung, Jungin's new deputy mayor, who was inaugurated on the seventh day, served as a member of Jungin City Councils 6 and 7. He was chairman of the new political coalition party of Jungin City Council and chairman of the second half.

At the local list price, the second deputy mayor was focusing on who will go. It was because of the dispute that the deputy mayor Kim Jae-il, elected at the time of full-time mayor Jeong, Kim Il-il, a former deputy mayor, submitted his resignation within one year from his post on November 6 last year.

In addition, Jung Jungin, the head of the city's policy department, who competed for the second deputy, suddenly turned to honor and was interested in the background. "I am currently the second deputy mayor of the deputy mayor for the last two days," Beon said. "I raised the issue of local civil affairs in parliament four years ago and gave my name." He insulted his character, "he recalled.

He said, "I did not know that the legislature would judge the lack of complaint complaints, and most of the time the great senator does not even mention his name." He said, "The second deputy deputy who took office on the seventh day took office, and after a short time he demanded all the materials in the selection process because he was not professional."

Then he said, "Who is appointed without any hitch in the usual procedure … All of them What do you think of the second deputy mayor What is your specialty Some members of the city building committee are elected as members of the town planning committee, Specifically, you come to the middle of the meeting, and do not do it right or wrong, do not do it, do not do it.

He said: "I'm sorry to say that I am a public space and I am grateful for a man who has no mistake, I apologize for the impotence, but I apologize, I apologize for the inconvenience."

The second deputy mayor of Yongin City, equivalent to the classroom, is responsible for management department, including construction, transportation and urban development. This term of office is two years and can be extended up to five years depending on the performance of the work.

Kim Dae Jung, the new deputy mayor, who started the official work on the day, said: "We faithfully faithful the promise of Yungin Market in the seventh generation of the People's Republic of China to create a city centered on people."

Jungin city official said, "The mayor of Baekje Gun was originally planning to use the greetings of the deputy mayor as a party (along with the Democratic Party)," he said.

A member of the Union of Citizens of Greece said that "it is not possible to become deputy mayor of the city council or local prime minister." In the age of decentralization, unconventional code people crumbling in the status of local councils, it must be stopped immediately, "he criticized.

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