Monday , October 3 2022

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Six days ago, a junior high school student jumped in an apartment trying to prevent peer violence.

On April 16 four students were arrested and one of them was wearing a padded bridge from Korban.

This is Lee Song-chow.


On 16, students who went to the District Court for a genuine examination of the order.

Unlike the other three in a T-shirt and sportswear, one wears a beige jumpsuit.

The mother of the victim from Russia was posted in her SNS account, because the jumper that padding was the son of the dead.

Netizens were angry that the attacker attacked the victim,

Cheong Wa Dae also raised dozens of complaints about the bill, calling for a thorough investigation and punishment for middle school students.

Police confirmed that the jumper is the victim's clothes.

[김경호/인천연수경찰서 형사과장 : “피해자 것은 맞고요. 그것을 걔네들이 걔가 어떻게 입고 오게 되었는지는 보강수사를 계속하고 있습니다.”]

It was reported that the student took the victim's clothes in the Dawn Park six days ago and wore it when he was attacked on the roof of the apartment on the day of the victim's death.

A police source said: "Even when the police arrived, the perpetrator wore the sweater." "The police seem to have been arrested in an emergency and transferred to a detention center so they can not change their clothes."

KBS News Lee Sung Chul is.

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