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"It's not a scary drama" … Divorce "Priest" adds to + medical families [종합] Sports Today –


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Cohen & amp; Jung Park Yung Yum Wu Wu Wu Jin / Photo = Sports Day DB

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[스포츠투데이 추승현 기자] The "priest" turned out to be a drama with low entry barriers, challenging the exorcism.

Cable TV OCN Presentation of the New Weekend Drama 'Cohen' (Man Drama Gate, director Kim Jonghyun) took place at the Konrad Hotel in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul at 12. The event was attended by director Kim Jonghyun, actor Jung Wu Jeon and actor Wu Jung Park.

The "priest" is a drama of the medical exorcism of doctors and demons who help protect their loved ones with surreal phenomena in the southern Catholic hospitals in 2018.

But the priest & # 39; Recently, I received a lot of attention and was skeptical about the nature of character and similar distinction "guest", which was the end.

Kim Jong-hyun, the director, said, "I think the guest's hand is a very good job, I was an audience, and after that we did not see it when we entered." I think, "he said," if you've got it, The guest is engaged in Oriental shamanism, I think a priest. He was involved in the expulsion of Western demons, and there was family, love, and warmth.

The production team also stressed that the "priest" was different from the other drama drama expulsion in that he added medical as well as exorcism. Kim said, "Medicine is part of the exorcism, and in the opposite place it is not appropriate." "I tried to make it more fun than other dramas.Jung Yu, who appears as a doctor, has also made many preparations in advance, if you look at the medical part as well as about exorcism, you can feel the fun."

"Priest" is a rumor that he made careful effort directing, shooting, lighting, music, art, VFX, and choreography to present realistic visuals and scales behind films.

Kim said: "It's not a scary and very famous piece of medical exorcism," he said. "If you look at it, there will be a lot of fun things." There are many elements of entertainment, plenty of scenes to watch and enjoy. I wish it was. "

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"Pastor" Kim Jonghyun Director / Photography = Sports DB Today

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Jung Yu-mi's drama Jeong Yum-min collaborates to protect the ordinary life and lives of ordinary people from abortion. Which makes a wicked person because of a demon entering the body.

Director Kim said he was satisfied with the cast of three people and announced the opportunity to pick three people. He said, "I thought Jungwu Park would be more affectionate than I thought, but I thought he was weak because of his strong side." "I'm very pleased," he said, "and I do it more interesting than I thought.

Yoon Wu-jong played the role of Usuma Guma to maintain his faith in action rather than words. Jung-woo Park is the Master Exorcist of the Munji Osumi Line. The two acted as demons and played the Latin game.

So I asked two people if there was difficulty in playing the Latin drama "I had a hard time memorizing all the words, I had an interest in playing a foreign language before, so I thought it would be fun to play Latin at this time, it was hard for me to remember, I got help listening to an anthem or music Latin. " Jung-Woo Park said, "I had a friend who came to study in Italy and asked me to do it.

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Cohen & amp; Yong Yum Mi Yong Wu Jin / Photography = Sports DB Today

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In addition, Yeo Wu and Jong Yum Mi have again a soul through the film ' Tunnel in 2014. He said, "I often get in touch with Jung Yum-mei, and I also do a group meeting and I'm about to play." "I was worried it would be a drawback when I took drama, but I was not worried at all, I thought it was good."

"I worked with him four years ago, and it was hard for me at the time, so I have a sticky affection, and when I work on it, I have a hard physical moment, but I am mentally tired." I was very excited when I worked Eitam again. "

Finally, said Jungwoo Park, "I think the greatest issue of love is, people who betrayed love, who suffer from fear of losing love and those who fear love, can be a touching and warm drama if I pay attention to it "He said. It seems that a comfortable drama is to follow the subject easily because there is a bit of wit and not a scary part. "

Yun Wu-Jong also said, "It contains content to protect important people in the genre of medicine and the exorcism of demons," and I think this is a work that has a deeper sense to those who loved the hidden universe , And the obstacle to entry is not high, it's significant, it's implied in the back than I will work hard so I will not lose the tension of the tension to the last and can finish it safely. "

The "priest" will be broadcast at 10:20 on the 24th of the month after the "actor".

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