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Kim Su-hyun, chief policy officer … Leading the introduction of the tax system as an expert in municipal politics and politics


From Roh Mo-hyun, Deputy Minister of the Environment … "The Moon has a high understanding of presidential policy"
As the leader of the company, I take the policy myself … "real estate liability theory"

Kim Su-hyun (56), a new presidential policy officer, is a city policy expert and representative.

He mentions social policy in the Roh Moo-hyun government, the secretary of state, and the deputy minister of the environment, has accumulated many national experience and expertise in society, and is considered to understand President Moon's philosophy of state affairs.

During the presidential election in 2012, he helped prepare the president's policy, and during the presidential election in 2017, he was responsible for the policy of revitalizing the city by serving as a policy expert at the election camp.

In 2003, the Rho-Moe-hyun administration, the Ong and A-Day director of the Wealth and Discrimination Distribution Task Force, created to realize social integration, created policies such as ensuring Sivan's transparency against high income and self-employed non-believers.

In 2005, as National Economic Secretary, he led the establishment of "Comprehensive Indicators in Real Estate 8 8 31" and played a leading role in leading comprehensive real estate taxes.

From 2014 to 2017 he served as director of the Seoul Research Institute and oversaw the policy areas of Mayor Park Wen – soon.

Following the opening of the government and reorganization of the Presidential Secretariat, he served as the new social director on behalf of the Ministry of Policy and actively assisted the President in determining policy in all areas of social policy, such as health and welfare, housing, culture, education, environment and the family of women.

The construction of the Shin-Corei nuclear power plant, the restructuring of the replacement system and the real estate policy.

He noted that he is responsible not only for the confusion of admissions policy in college but also about the rise in house prices such as Gangnam during Roh Moo-hyun administration.

▲ Kyungbuk Yeongdeok ▲ Kyungbook National University, Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Planning and Urban Planning ▲ Doctor of Urban and Regional Planning, Seoul National University ▲ Secretary of the President of the National Assembly ▲ President of the National Economic Secretary ▲ President of the Secretary of Social Policy ▲ Deputy Minister of Environment ▲ Professor, Sejong University Urban Real Estate Graduate School ▲ ▲ Secretary General

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