Monday , April 12 2021

Kim Sung-te "sentence to the government, private kindergarten … District school should also investigate the state of affairs.

Kim Song-tai, former head of the Free Korean Party. [뉴스1]

Kim Song-tai, former head of the Free Korean Party. [뉴스1]

Kim Song-tae, a member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said yesterday that the Hong Kong government has no opportunity to improve the system in relation to the financial crisis of the private kindergarten last year.

Kim said, "In order to introduce the National Accounts Management System to private gardens, the Ministry of Education has announced a five-year program for the development of early childhood education in February 2013," said Kim Sang Gon, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Education, "but we stopped it for no reason Visible. "

"The comprehensive information system for early childhood education, which was held until 2017, was canceled in December 2017." The private garden, which claimed to have canceled the National Accounts system in the past, does not see outside, and I have neglected the latest private public corruption.

Kim pointed out, "The Korean government is asking not only the private kindergarten, but also the provincial and municipal education ministry." It is clear that the punishment of the director who found the corruption and the disadvantage to the garden has the political intent of the lunar regime.

Kim also said, "It is natural that a transparent system should be built where the state budget is supported." This is the most important reason for the Korean government to demand a national system of private kindergartens, simultaneously achieving nationalism of workers and nationalities.

Park Kwangsoo wrote [email protected]

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