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Lotte, sensitivity and design innovation "2018 Lotte Marketing Forum" held



Lotte will hold a Lotte Marketing Forum 2018; The event at Crystal Ballroom on the 3rd floor of Jamsil Lotte Hotel on 19 and 20.

Lotte Marketing Forum is designed to share the latest marketing trends in the world to strengthen the marketing capabilities of group companies. This year, we will extend the event to two days for the first time, so that partner and student employees who are interested in marketing trends will be able to participate.

Lotte has decided on the theme of this year's marketing forum like TURN TIDE & Which means & # 39; to make the situation & # 39 ;. This means that there is consensus among employees on a dynamically changing customer base and global competitiveness, and that there is a need for "specific approaches and innovations to respond to changes in the overall business rather than some services" and "rapid changes" have.

On the first day of the event, 900 CEOs of major subsidiaries, including CEO of Hwang Giyu Kyo and CEO of Lotte Group, and marketing staff attended the event to share the latest marketing trends and provide best marketing examples.

The lecture this morning will be led by Professor Roberto Verganti Milano Polytechnic University Professor of Design Management. Prof. Roberto, in the case of innovative projects of international companies that have created value propositions for customers like and want, such as Apple, AirBienbi and Nestlé, with the theme "How to design value propositions loved by people during floods" He suggests ways to create innovation and encourage voluntary participation of Friends.

In addition, Lotte operates a "marketing prize" that selects the affiliates to achieve the most prominent marketing results during the year. Lotte department store, which managed to PyeongChang Olympic Games marketing, receives a trophy and a prize of 20 million won. Lotte has been selected as an authorized license holder for the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, and since then the licensing team has focused on PyeongChang Long Padding, one of the biggest hits of the Olympic Games, and has produced 1100 products, including mascots, sports shoes and gloves. (Lotte), Lotte Sofer (Youth Farm), Lotte Cultural Works (with Shin) and Lotte Tosan (SKY Run) Lotte Department Store (Artificial Intelligence Shopping Consultant ) getting.

In the afternoon, he divided into three lectures, followed by lectures on various topics such as innovation, industrial revolution 4, and brand. The main courses include "Looking Back at the Fourth Revolution in Industry Foundations" (Chairman of the Fourth Industrial Committee Chairman of the Committee Byeong-Gyu), "Innovative Culture for Business Transformation" (CEO of SAP Christopher Center), "Future Trading Platform And KACAO), and "Business Survival Strategy for Digital Change" (Kim Jie Hyun, CEO, SK Management & Economy).

On the second day, Lotte Partners and 550 students interested in marketing will focus on "Making and Changing Together". Kim Yeong-ha and Professor Li Yong-dong of the National University of Seoul, as well as lectures on "Change and Innovation" from marketing to humanities and engineering.

As the marketing forum played a key role in strengthening the marketing capabilities of its partners Lotte, Lotte expects it to be of great help to partner companies and universities participating in the event.

Meanwhile, Lotte will hold a design exhibition package at Sapphire's ballroom on the first floor of the Hotel Leslie during the event. The exhibition will be organized so that it will be possible to compare the products and designs of 21 subsidiaries of Lotte, including food, distribution, tourism services and chemistry, as well as competing global products.

"The standard for customers to judge products immediately is design," he said, adding: "There is a need for design thinking to present design elements that can arouse customer sentiment in all marketing."

Lee Jie Hyun, distribution specialist wrote to [email protected]

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