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Objective "Doosan plant regeneration", the fourth game SK 2-1 defeated 2 win 2 L base


8 under pressure to win … 19 "Guns"
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 "Suh Shin in Ham-Duk Ju, 2 Rotation 2S
SK, Kwang-hyun Kim, Round 6,

Doosan Ilsan scored a second home run in the eighth round, scoring a 1-1 draw in the fourth game of the Korea series with SK in Incheon SK Pope Hope Happy on 9. The little picture is a bat full with a short bat for the exact impact. Incheon = new science

Doosan Outfielder Suebin is the quickest block in the KBO league. The two hands hold the racquet at a distance of about 15 cm from the button (a round handle at the end of the racket) .This is an extreme grip that only uses about two-thirds of the racket.

After returning to Dussan after a full-time national police service last year, he said, "I do not hit home, and after playing various roles in the police station, I realized that the short bat was the best fit for me.

Sun Bean, who made his debut at Doosan in 2009, has just 19 home runs in 10 years. Like Tyler Tyler, Typically, he found the best way to survive. Before the Korean series, he said, "The home run was completely erased in my mind."

However, this was the unexpected home of one of the few who saved Dusan, who traveled all the way.

Doosan won 2-1 in the fourth game of the Korea series with SK in Incheon SK Happiness Dream Stadium on 9, thanks to the hits of Lindblum and the second seeded in the final of 8.. Doosan, who won 1-win and 2-run on the third leg, scored the winning balance with a 2-2 record.

The day before the fight, both teams won the game. Unlike KK, who handed Ace Kim Kwang-hyun on schedule, Dusan replaced Lee Yang-he, who just announced, with Lind Blum.

The two shaking jugs made a battle of luxuries that was hard to beat. Kim Kwang-hyun showed six unbeaten rounds in 6 innings, and Bland scored one run with three hits and 10 rounds in seven innings. The only points scored by the two teams until the seventh achieved by SK Kim Kang of Min Run.

SK seems to order the Korea Cup series after winning third place. Tracy Hillman, SK, is trying to consolidate his career with the international throws seven times, Sanchez,

A dramatic reversal occurred at eight when Dusan attacked. In the first Besman he played a short swing on the fast ball (153 km / h), the fourth in Sanchez, but the ball hit the center of the racket and he went straight to the right fence, 110 meters in the right time, and with his arms open, He ducked his head in both hands, and Dusan, who missed the chance to score in the first half of the game, was recruited as a club run by the club, he was an MVP with two hits and two RBIs.

Doosan kept the win by putting the throws finishing Ham-deok 8th inning eighth inning 2-1. Greed, who scored two rounds without scoring, won the Korean 2 series Save.

Dusan's defense, which made five mistakes in the last three games, found its way into the game. The third base commander, Ho Kyung-min, made a left-foot strike for the SK after the slippery abduction, and the first base, Rio Joki-Hyok, hit the ball in the eighth.

The fifth game opens at 22:00 at 14:00. Doosan is Furanskov and SK Park is Jong-hoon.

Incheon = Lee Hun-jae [email protected]

"Additional security between the defense headquarters"

△ Doosan Kim Tae-(Jeong) Bran can not even think of it really, really …. I thought it was a moment, but I thought I was going to catch up with him. Lindblum was tired seven times, but she was ready to let him go. Dusan was good at defense. I expect players to play with greater confidence. I am fortunate to be able to go to Jamsil, my room, with a good atmosphere.

"I miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity three times

△ SK Hillman Manager =Too bad I did not win the third round of the big chance. The line seemed too nervous. A more focused posture is required. I did not want to raise seven times when I watched Kwang Hyun Kim (90). The Sanchez hit a bullet in the middle of the ball. I'm sorry about that. Doosan defense was good today. Kim Dong – Yeop and Dong Dong – minutes of blow – and – run punching well.

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