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Previous Road Li Yun-jon Championship "Flying Fighter" Lee Su-yun – News captured with fresh eyes visible


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Li Yun-john, who taught Li Yun directly, talked about the "flower warrior."

Li Su-Yun (24 Lord Gengam MMA Lord), who came to the front of the subject with the first place in the real-time search query on the portal site, is making his debut. The debut of Lee Sun-ion is XIAOMI ROAD FC 051 XX at Grand Hilton Seoul on December 15. Lee Jae-ji (19, Team Jae), who has seven opponents. It is expected that it will not be easy to advance me Su-ion.

Rod FC, on November 19, reported the assessment of Lee Bong-gung, a former champion of Road FC Bantamweight, who is in charge of Lee Sun-Yun's training.

Lee Su – Yeon is currently training with Li Yun 's training – Joon. Before I became a road player, I ate at the gym with Li Yun Jong.

The advantages of Li Yun-Li Lee Leon-Yun know all his physical condition. I know him better than anyone else. Li Yun-jon, Lee Su-yun, "an actor with a warrior temperament," he says.

This is because of the impulsive appearance. "I think the boxing is quite big, it 's an impressive style, and when I appeared together in Fearless Boys I saw bleeding and broken nose," said Li Yun-gun.

This is his debut. Meanwhile, Eileen, who is an opponent, has seven previous experiences. It is the difference difference that Li Yun Jun is concerned about.

"The most worrying part is that I have no experience because of my debut," said Li Yunjun, who was lucky enough to say, "On the other hand, Mee has a lot of experience playing. The weight of my debut as an amateur actress that has not yet made my debut. "

Li Yun-gon said: "It is very important that Su-Yun overcome his experience in his position, and that his first player barely hears the other horse.

The remainder of the period is about a month. I do not have any experience, but Lee Su-yun is getting ready for the game with the instructor's limited express coach, ion-ion ion. Li Suiyun took Lee Yun-jen's instruction like a sponge,

(Photo: Courtesy of FC Road)

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