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Professor Li Wangja “Collective immunity? Corona cannot be prevented by vaccination.”

The Corona 19 vaccine will start in Korea as soon as possible starting next month. Some are waiting to be vaccinated against sabotage, while others are tilting their heads and questioning their safety. Government officials and most of the media pay attention only to the vaccine, the quantity and timing, but not to the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

Moreover, ‘collective immunity’ through vaccines is spreading like a belief. The logic is that if a large number of vaccines are correct, the number of antibodies generated increases, and through this immunity can be achieved for a population in which the number of infected people decreases.

When it comes to vaccines, the public discussion forum is missing. The atmosphere prevails that the vaccine must be introduced quickly, the entire country must be complied with and government policy must be followed. It should not ask for a vaccine. ‘

In such circumstances, 99% impossible to trade the vaccine for corona, there is no way to prevent corona with vaccine, collective immunity is impossible, the service unreliable to know the vaccine companies, and dangerous comments that there is no need to declare the number of approved cases. There is a willingness to do it. Li Wangja, an immunologist, is Professor Emeritus at the National University of Seoul. The president of the Korean Immunology Association is also an expert in this field.

In the January issue of the health information magazine Health and Life, ‘An Uncomfortable Truth About a Corona 19 Vaccine Vaccine’, he raised an alarm from the vague expectation of a vaccine. I met Professor Lee in person at 15. When he said that there would probably be much criticism in exchange for saying the ‘uncomfortable truth’, he expressed his conviction that “the learned conscience cannot be relinquished.”

Interview = Lee Wen-young, political and social editor

Vaccination starts next month. If you get the vaccine, will you not get Corona 19?

“Theoretically it is unavoidable. The problem is that people think all vaccines are the same. It is important to understand that the respiratory virus should not be carried with the vaccine. When the virus passes through the blood and causes disease, the vaccine is 100% effective. Corona 19 is an upper respiratory tract infection. Pharyngeal mucosa), but antibodies in the blood cannot be accessed from the vaccine. There is no way to prevent this. “

▲ Li Wang-ja, Professor Emeritus at Seoul University of Medicine, interviewed by UPI News at the Health and Life Office in Yongong-dong, Jungnu-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of the 15th. [정병혁 기자]

Corona 19 is said to be a type of cold virus.

“I will explain a bit about the common cold. The book of internal medicine says that the common cold is a self-limiting disease that lasts about a week. A disease that ends at most about a week due to upper respiratory tract infection. And no mortality antibodies go out at most 3 days after infection. The general public thinks about antibodies How to block 3 days ago How to block 3 days ago Immune system We call it innate immunity.

Corona virus is the same as the common cold virus. The only difference is that it sticks to the upper respiratory tract. This means that the ability to cling is 100 times stronger. As is well known, there are no extracellular sticks. The common cold virus connects only to the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. It is said that there are more than 100 times the coronary virus, whose power has become a version. Therefore, the infection persists even in mid-summer. Originally, it is a disease that ends in 3-4 days. There is no time to create antibodies. Takes 3-4 days to heal the wound and ends in a week. “

– Are the symptoms worse than the common cold virus?

“It is said to be more severe than the common cold, but weaker than the flu. That is why the corona virus that causes the problem is present in everyone. It is a symbiotic virus. But corona 19 has a different sequence sequence from the symbiotic virus by 5-10%. Corona virus does not pass between species originally “But this time it’s a bat, SARS is a muskrat, and MERS is the camel’s coronary virus. It happened in the 21st century.”

Why is it difficult to produce antibodies from corona 19?

“Corona 19 is not known to the human body because it has 5-10% different parts of the coronary virus in the original body. When an unfamiliar person enters, the reaction occurs in a bad way. It was not there, but in reality 90-95% of us. It is the same as The antibody, so it is not well made. Commissioner Jeong Yun-kyung announced that 1,440 Koreans had been randomly selected and tested to detect an antibody against corona 19, and he said one of them came out. Almost no antibodies are formed. It is not produced, because 90-95% of corona 19 is the same.

Flu (flu) is not in my body. It’s infected. That is why our body’s immune system produces antibodies quickly. Influenza produces antibodies well. However, in the case of respiratory viruses, they are in the air and stick to the nose, but flu antibodies are found in the blood. Because it circulates in the blood, it cannot be accessed because there are no blood vessels in the epithelial cells of the airways. So, theoretically, the prevention effect is 0%. But why is this true? When complications of influenza occur, the elderly become pneumonia and die. When it comes to pneumonia, it means the guy in the upper respiratory tract is running around in blood. Antibodies work when circulating in the blood. You can prevent him from dying. It’s not that it does not work at all. However, this means that less than 1% of people do so. “Is it necessary to get the vaccine for less than 1 in 100 people?”

-If so, the Corona 19 vaccine can have such an effect.

“The same is true for corona 19. In many cases people who died from corona 19 died because the blood vessels in the brain were blocked, the kidneys were broken, both the lungs were broken and the liver was broken. If you are afraid of it and want to get vaccinated, it makes sense. It has no preventative effect, but 99% of those infected just pass it on, which is a problem in 1-2% .The same people say that if they get the vaccine, they affect the problem that occurs when it enters the bloodstream, but the problem is that the flu has almost 100% antibodies, But Corona 19 has a 90-95% resemblance to the coronary virus that lives in our body. “We have 5-10% of our immune cells to find it. We have to find it and make antibodies, so in theory it’s very difficult. “

In an interview with UPI News on the 15th, Li Wongja, Professor Emeritus at Seoul University, preaches the fiction of Corona 19 vaccine. [정병혁 기자]

– Is there a danger to the vaccine itself?

What is clear is that the mRNA vaccine is what Pfizer or Modena do. This is the first humanity to use the mRNA vaccine. This is very dangerous. The original mRNA does not enter the cell just because it was stabbed. However, he said, he developed the technology to enter. Then, if this is your first experience, you should look at safety for more than 10 years. As a scientist you are talking exactly about facts. It is clear that safety has not been verified. Major media outlets only talk about vaccine security, not problems. You can not. The role of the media is to point out that there may be problems seeing many people in the big media, but I do not know what it does. What is clear is that the mRNA vaccine is not valid anyway. “

In reference to the government announcement that it will create collective immunity

“Collective immunity is not created. Colds are a disease that has shared history with humanity. Why does group immunity not occur. Absolutely not. Group immunity is impossible. Antibodies are not well formed, and even if antibodies are formed, we have no choice but to continue to accept it. When it comes to immunity. Collectively, the assumption is that antibodies can prevent the virus from entering. For example, vaccines work perfectly with hepatitis, but this is not the case. Antibodies cannot meet the virus. The same is true for treatments. “I can not go out with a drug. I have to go to the cells where the antibody was caused and wait, but if I do not go there, what trick do I stop it. So it continues to fail. “

– Does the vaccine prevent infection in others?

Do not remove the mask just because you have been vaccinated, which is what Pfizer et al. Are carefully trying to cover up the vulnerability of the vaccine. Makes sense. Why should I wear a mask if I have been vaccinated and have antibodies? I can not be infected and I can not be infected. Because the incoming virus is killed by antibodies. This is true for a virus that infects blood. But do not take off your mask because you got the vaccine after making the best use of the vaccine, they promise to say that is exactly what I said. “

Dr. Harvey Reese of Yale University also recently told Fox News in the United States that although the COVID-19 vaccine has a self-preventing effect, it does not prevent infection of others.

-If you can think of Corona 19 as a level of cold or flu, the reason is that there are many deaths

“It’s because we report dying. Korea kills nearly 1,000 people with each flu. It is reported every time it dies. The whole nation is shaking with terror. We killed about 1,200 people in 13 months. The flu is from May to October. There were times when 1,500 “One person died within 5-6 months from November to March to April the following year. But now 1,100 people died within 14 months. It is not a riot.”

-What would you like to do if you set a policy?

“In fact (far) it does not make a big difference. If you are afraid to undress instead, if you just wear a mask thoroughly, it will not grow anymore. Instead, hospitals and nursing homes need to be strengthened. It needs to be strengthened 10 times so that no one Really suspicious can come in. It’s enough to protect the elderly and the basic disease so that no one dies. There is no meaning to the ban on gatherings. The people who die are people with basic diseases anyway. Even if 70% of them are infected, if the nursing homes or hospitals are completely successful To prevent the bacteria from reaching the elderly and those with underlying diseases, no one will die. “

How to protect vulnerable people living with their families

“It’s actually the biggest hole. There are old people who are not enough to go to a nursing home. Young children have too many asymptomatic infections. The question is what to do if your grandfather infects you. You can find that part head to head. The Corona Age. You can think “It’s like a new life change that can happen later. A couple and children under the age of 60 can live without any problems, but if you live with parents over the age of 80, you need to be careful in that case.”

– The rate of vaccination rejection is very high in Europe.

“It’s probably because I do not believe in the vaccine. I do not believe that Pfizer or Modena said it has a 95% prevention rate. With RT-PCR, which is acceptable, all real vaccines are positive, so we have to use another method, but they do not announce it. “No. Because there is no way I have heard a difficult explanation that is based on symptom relief, but difficult to understand.”

The vaccine started in France on December 27 last year, but by January 7 the vaccination rate was only 0.03%. The rejection rate of the vaccine reaches 60%. Alan Ficht, chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Committee, CEO, cannot see scientific data on the vaccine before the vaccine, its effectiveness is only 2-3 months, it is not known how effective it is for the underlying disease, and the vaccine is not transmitted to others. It has also been said publicly that we are not sure if not.

Does it make sense for the authorities to announce the number of cases now approved?

“It does not mean anything. There are few tests at the weekend, so there are fewer happy cases. If you do more tests, you go out more, and if you do less, it comes out less. What does this number mean? How many cold patients do you declare? C “There is no need to announce this at all. It can be significant to compare the approval rate by comparing the number of cases approved to the number of tests.”

-If the number of happy patients to be declared is 0, this condition will end, but will this day come?

“Never come. It can not be 0. It is a human symbiotic virus. Variants occur all the time. Must be symbiotic. How can it be 0? Yesterday appeared in the news so that the modern or CEO who prepared the vaccine will not disappear forever. It will be an endemic disease that will not be endemic, and humanity will have to live with this virus. Why do they admit to preparing and getting vaccinated? This is not true. It makes a corner for these people to run away. “Vaccines are useless because they have no choice but to go out.”

– I have had vaccinations before, but as an expert, the message I want to share with my family or friends

“When a version is released, it is said that the vaccine is not valid. When a version is released, it spreads instantly. The appearance of a version is obvious. What to do when a version occurs, now that the vaccine is garbage. Do not rely on dying, which is what scares us. Somehow, unfortunately, the virus passes through the blood and unfortunately it happens, and some of them die.This is most obvious: if the immune function is good, the strain does not matter, the more active the strain, the more active the immune system becomes, but our body’s immune system makes the immune response sure “More for the strain, for the autoimmune function. The best thing to do is raise it. The typical thing is to eat vitamin C. You should not be afraid of the infection itself.”

How about a mask

“If you do not want to get a Corona 19, you are wearing a mask. The importance of wearing a mask cannot be stressed. It is not scientific that you should not wear a mask. You should wear a mask. The reason you are more infected in Europe is that you do not wear a mask. “Take into account the economic impact of the distance. It means you do not have to go to the end of economic death. Wear a mask, protect your immunity and do not be too afraid.”

-When do you remove the mask?

“The mask takes off by itself. If you understand that the corona is not so deadly, but that it is at the level of a cold or flu, naturally you will take it off. This is a very depressing story for the medical community. It means there are fewer patients. In the current situation it is recommended to wear a mask.”

UPI News / Summary = Reporter Kwon Rayoung [email protected]

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