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"The Night of Spring", Hahn Gini, Sister,


[매일경제 스타투데이 김소연 기자]

"Spring Night," said Jin Hong-in, who was never called a sister or a sister.

At the Ramada Seoul Hotel in Sindors-Dong, Seoul, in 20, there was a production performance of the drama "Spring Sweeper" (Kim Kim's game, director Ahn Chung-suk). On the spot, Han Jin Min, Jeong Hae and Ahn Chang Suk PD participated.

"I learned a lot about how to deal with an unexpected situation.

I give a lot of NG, but Han Min does not give the NG. "I learned a lot about the attitude of how to act in a position than how to act."

"I did not think it was a reminder while I was filming, I never called my sister and sister," he added, laughing.

On the other hand, "The Spring Sweeper" is a romantic drama full of desperate romantic drama in which two men and women seek love one spring day, and a librarian who lives in the library and appreciated his life. (Who is the right person) will come up with a realistic tune that goes through a wave of emotion that comes unexpectedly. It will be broadcast at 9 pm on 22.

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