Wednesday , September 29 2021

Citroen ë-Jumpy received the Entrepreneurship Award for 202 “kilometer. Compact Commercial Vehicle of the Year

In December 2020 it won the title of “International Pickup of the Year 2021” and in January 2021 the Argos Award “Pickup of the Year 2021”, currently Citroen a-Jumpy wins the Millésime Award “2021. Compact Commercial Car of the Year” presented by Mileage Initiative.

The award is further evidence of ë-Jumpy’s success: in the first half of 2021, Citroen was the most sought-after light truck in France, gaining a market share of 43.6%.

The new title confirms the importance of the model in its segment and the quality of services offered by Citroen, which meets the new requirements of professionals. The jury in the competition consists of professional journalists who specialize in public transportation. The ë-Jumpy was voted the best compact light commercial vehicle for 2021, comparing six contenders for the title.

ë-Jumpy is the answer to the new mobility challenges of professionals in various fields. It provides versatility and is a concrete, practical and convenient solution that solves access to regulated urban areas, meets the CO2 reduction requirements of the vehicle fleet and allows adaptation to new business forms of transportation, such as downstream supply.

Citroen’s goal with ë-Jumpy is to provide each driver with an offer tailored to their needs, which is possible thanks to the variety, as well as the ability to work in peace while enjoying the benefits of electric mobility.

ë-Jumpy is available in two ways suitable for different business needs and budgets: with a 50 kilowatt battery, the mileage is 230 km (WLTP) and with a 75 kilowatt battery it is 330 km (WLTP).

The 100-kilowatt ë-Jumpy engine reaches effortlessly to a maximum speed of 130 km / h, torque provides responsiveness and dynamics as soon as it starts, there is no need to shift gears and the car travels without noise or vibration.

The ë-Jumpy can be easily charged at home (with a standard 8A 8A cable or a Green’Up 16A socket), in a private or public charging station (32A type 3 cable from the Wallbox), or in public a particularly fast charging station where the batteries are charged up to At 80% it only takes 30 minutes. The use of electrical energy also allows for better control over the costs of using the vehicle.

ë-Jumpy boasts the same practical features as the internal combustion models, ie the range of body versions, height 1.90 m that allows access to each parking lot, trunk volume up to 6.6 m3, load capacity to 1275 kg and exceptional versatility, provided Especially by Modwork, which turns the front of the car into a mobile office.

The award also recognizes the experience of the Citroen chain and its business center staff in supporting professional clients in their mobility projects, developing individual solutions in terms of vehicle selection, financing, fleet management and operating cost optimization.

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