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Discotheque World. In the poll «Micro 78» won the modern jestra «city» / Article / LSM.LV


When the most popular ritual began in 1978, a celebration took place at the Latvian radio, which was also a direct connection to the "microphone". That is, in the fall semester, I turned to one of our favorite radio speakers, Osama Andrekson, with whom we have been conducting "microphone" programs for more than 10 years, as well as the survey events of the annual survey. All Cinderella's good wishes, as we called her, came from the end, as were baked bread buns, candy boxes, patterned gloves, socks and all sorts of other good things.

The last concerts were traditionally held between Christmas and New Year, this time on December 30. Today was unusually cold, mercury column in the thermometer dropped to minus 31.2 degrees. The atmosphere in the Philharmonic Hall, which was filled up until the last opportunity, was different. The world has crossed the wave of disco, and although Bonnie is " In Moscow, not in Riga, the "streams of Babylon" were filled with country houses, villages and city streets.

The fact that one of the victories of Raymond Pauls would be won was expected when the survey began, and it was equally clear that the honor of honor would come to this day with a lively, modern melody with the words "For the City" by Mirzda Ziyvere, Aija Kukule and the "Modo" group.

A few voices were the album "Elia" by Maestro under Victor Laplace, but in third place, the former violinist of Russ Carlsons during "No Time" with Ilse Bind – singer Miredze Zivor, Fell to third place.

The fact that the annual survey of the "microphone" of songs continued to grow geometrically was also reflected in the fact that this time in the first ten years without Raimonds Pauls there were five more songs, namely, Ioris Carlsons, as well as Zigmars Lippins, The Fabric, Jonas, Sigmunds Lorentz and Gunars Friedenfeld Until the survey was not a popular melody in the special performances of Edgers Lippensh, "The Three Speakers," censored because those days were too crazy.

The "microphone" concert in the Philharmonic Hall in 1978 was the third and last, since many people had to stay behind the door due to lack of space.

Therefore, organizers have begun to consider other possible surveys for concert houses, such as the Dale Theater or the Riga Sports Palace, where more than 5,000 listeners can match.

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