Monday , October 3 2022

Dovicioso wins a victory at the closing stage of MotoGP in Valencia


Italian motorcyclist Andrea Dovicioso from Ducati won the World Series of Sport World Championships in the 19th season – the Grand Prix of the most prestigious MotoGP class in Valencia.

Alexis Rinx from Suzuki Ecstar ranked second behind Dovicioso on Sunday, while third of the Espargaro Falls placed from Red Bull KTM Factory Racing ranked third. Meanwhile, the fourth was the Italian rider Michele Piro of Ducati, the Spanish player Danny Fedros and Mercedes Revolve was in fifth place, while Takai Nakamami of Japan from LCR Honda Idemitsu closed the first six.

The final stage was chaotic, as it ended by only 15 riders. During the race, there were heavy rains, and as a result, another 13 experienced athletes falling and not finished.

Among the finalists were also current world champion Mark Marks of Spain, representing the Honda Repsol. He was crowned champion in early October.

Overall, Marx scored 321 points this season, with Dovicioso in second place at 245 points, while the legendary Italian Valentino Rossi from Movistar Yamaha ranked third with 198 points.

Marks is the 5th world champion and has won the MotoGP class during the last three years. He joined the most prestigious class in 2013 and became the champion in his debut season.

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