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Health for those returning to life in Latvia is a challenge. Its availability in studies seems vital for Latvian citizens living abroad, but, for example, finding a family doctor after a long absence may not be so easy.Rememigrants are advised not to forget the EHIC or the European Health Insurance Card, which also ensures the availability of services Medical emergency in Latvia.

in brief

  • Family doctors have the option of receiving one-time patients – not even for the patient.
  • You can call the National Health Service 80001234 for medical issues and re-immigration
  • Family physicians can be searched by region

Irena Konrad's experience shows that she returned home after a long or short absence was almost impossible for a family doctor. She returned to Ventspils after 15 years of absence.

"The problem was that when we returned, we still did not have a place to live, but we needed a child at school, and the school was welcome and willing to accept the child without a declared residence. Without a familiar place of residence, "the woman tells Latvian radio program Global Latvian in the 21st century. "In the clinic, we refused rudely to give us information about doctors, and as a result we met with the family doctor, but she declared that the status of our citizens had been blocked.

We met with the family doctor only when I was in the citizenship and immigration office and asked to cancel the status of our citizen, "Conrada said.

As a result, the Irena family was the family doctor. True, Irena's experience is called bitter.

"It's a pity to hear such experiences," said Andrzej Livne, head of the International Cooperation Department of the National Health Service. She explained, however, that Irena's family citizenship was not blocked in this case, but her status in the patient's registry was blocked. But in this case, even a person can receive a service, meaning that the patient's absence to register should not be a problem, as the family doctor has the option to accept as a one-time patients for various reasons are not present in the patient register.

This is why a representative of the National Health Service mentions that each such case is considered and is invited to report to the NHS, as a special customer service department was established where all problems with foreigners and medical treatment can be resolved.

"We want to call us at 8000 1234 and we will try to deal with these painful situations, as Irena's service had to be available," Livena said.

However, according to a study by the Center for Diaspora and Migration Research of the University of Latvia on the conditions and conditions for the return of immigrants, there is uncertainty about the health system as one of the problems that migrants emphasize. Aya Groza, coordinator of the Vizma region, also emphasizes that the health sector poses a unique challenge to the circulars. In addition, foreigners to date have been very active in the new health insurance law, many have made voluntary health insurance contributions, but now that the law of public health funding has been amended and suspended, their compatriots are even more puzzling. It only increases the lack of faith in the Latvian health system. Because of this

He is part of those who do not indicate that they are traveling abroad.

"There are people who have not been declared Latvian burglars, but there are those who do not consciously do so because they will not be deprived of medical care here in Latvia." It is no secret that people living abroad often travel to Latvia to receive health services – both in terms of quality, availability And lower prices, "says Groza.

Those who return or plan to return are advised to seek out their family doctor on the website of the National Health Service, where there is a medical prescription, divided by district area, where everyone can try to find their own.

In addition, nonresidents should mention the EHIC or the European health insurance card that a person receives at his / her permanent place. It will serve as a guarantor for the necessary medical services upon arrival in Latvia.

"There are a lot of people who work in Europe but live in Latvia, then the state agency employment problems form S1, which is a certificate on the right to receive health services in Latvia.This means that in fact, for people employed in another country, the question is not about voluntary contributions of the patient, but On the necessary documents that can be obtained from the Ministry of National Security, which will be able to receive a certain amount of services in Latvia, "says Livneh.

Given that there is too much confusion and a lot of ignorance among the Latvians, the National Health Service has begun to prepare proactive information on all the opportunities available to foreigners.

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