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Over 100,000 people watched the "Sun Life" dedicated to the Light Show of the Century – Society and Politics – News


She said that the light show was a wider place than in other years – Aquatorium Daugava, involving the National Library of Latvia and the Sun Stone Building, "UD dambi" as well as illuminate the landscape of Riga. People played the show on both sides of the Daugava River, as usual on the embankment of November 11, as well as the Pardogava and bridges nearby.

The light show of "The Life of the Sun" was included in the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary celebrations and was the 100th anniversary event of the Latvian state, which was accessible to the widest audience, for both TV and television screens could be seen.

Sunlight "Saules laiks", dedicated to the centennial of the country – the sixth part of the visual musical story about the Latvian state from creation to the present with a promise for the future of Latvia – was founded by Latvian artists, who, like the rest of the art industry, represented their best professionals Performance in light projection, pyrotechnics and art design and light.

Video: Impressive centuries salute

According to LETA, most people were more likely to show ambitious performance than celebrations of other happy years, as evidenced by the fact that due to the great flow of people, it was much harder to access the scene.

It was promised as the most ambitious show of the day a flyer in Latvia and rose to EUR 234 999, or according to ten more than in other years, however, it was many times heard from people that performance was actually ten times better than in other years.

Photo: Letter of 18 November

An 18-minute visual musical story in six parts about the Latvian state from the idea of ​​Creation to the present day, continues to fireworks. The new composer Eriks Ešenvalds participated in the creation of the show, its musical director Kristaps Krievkalns, Visual Visual Designer – Ostera Hawks, artist Or Normandas Blaisāns, and a designer of pyrotechnics and light effects Kalvis Kalnins.

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