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Recommend Gundega Skudrin and IKEA –

Already yesterday, wrote a cocktail. Heart, because Ikea interior designers, together with festival organizers, Gondega Skodriya, created a five-hundred-year-old Latvian table decoration inspired by even more beautiful celebrations in their homes. These tables are devoted to Latvian traditions, nature and culture. The tables are designed as a place for everyone to get ideas to decorate their party tables, and they will be available at the IKEA store from November 15 to November 18.

Yesterday we offered to take a look at the themes of Ziedonis and the sea, but today we offer to look at the thematic tableware dedicated to Latvian traditions, nature and song festivals.

1. Traditions

Photo: Sintje Dusberga

The smell of Pieterslots, the grandmothers' recipes and grandmothers, and the evening frames in the family – a generous inheritance that will always be a special place in our hearts.

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If you are a nature lover, decorate a table with a variety of natural plants and wines – lay the hotel mint in vases, brush the headers or nuts in glass containers, and create incense on the table. Save money on a festive table. Celebration does not have to be expensive. Think about what you really want to think about if the coveted thing will be long-term use. You can create a festive feeling by providing a new and possibly unprecedented application to the everyday household such as utensils, vases, candlesticks, napkins. On a festive table, even the dishes and cutlery used on a daily basis will look completely different.

Photo: Sintje Dusberga

"Fortunately, traditions still exist in us and we can make them modern," admits Gonda. She also adds that until now we have been in bathroom ceremonies and we mention the time of the lost linen, we also have candles, and we still eat peas, anniversaries and folk songs every year. All of these traditions can be combined beautifully, elegantly and mentally on the table.

"Everyone in our house has a map of linen or pottery, anyone can put the peas in a bowl and create an element in the style that completes the table.In addition, we must remember that each of us has a personality and today is very important to present the personality table, each one," says Gundega. In addition, she also explains that on this table coat the color of the chairs with planks and wood with incense.

2. Teva

Photo: Sintje Dusberga

Green as nowhere. Deep meadows remember the girls, and the fresh air in the pine forest allows you to forget everyday worries. It brings the tranquility of nature in your home.

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Select a theme and color for your table. Think what kind of materials and colors you like, and choose one. What do you associate with them? For example, green color can be related to nature. Stimulate the chosen theme by going outside or looking at related topics on the Internet, head to the forest or the beach, and decorate the party table with them.

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"It's a forest, meadows and all the nature that surrounds us," says Gonda. She emphasizes that when placing a table, one can mix a very whole of anything, especially if the subject is nature. Combines wood, glass, material, fabric, fur and a variety of natural elements.

It must be understood that when you are laying a table, you should be aware of a particular guide, such as drawing with a bear. One element can be used as a base to assemble the rest of the table on one foundation.

3. Festival of songs

Photo: Sintje Dusberga

The song follows the life of Latvia. An unforgettable moment when, in the heart of a triangle, we sing our souls with gratitude for freedom and all that is given to us.

Go for a treasure hunt. Interesting things can be found in the store, in nature, and in Grandma's buffet. The participants of the song celebration can use music sheets and folk costume elements on the table – garter, belts or Lielvarde belts.


"This is one of the most important tables, and despite the fact that I chose the subject of the film festival, it actually symbolizes the freedom and the most important for all of us," says Gonda. She also adds that according to her understanding, Latvia is a people, and we are all on the flag of the state, we are everyone who creates this land.

"Saka, a belt of Lialberds and amber, fine tableware, textiles, rugs and reddish, is what we need to create a sense of holiday on the upcoming national holiday," says Gonda Skudirina, organizer of the last event.


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