Monday , October 3 2022

“The bombing of the House of Culture, we must evacuate!”: Ivo Pomina’s concert at Tucumas ends unplanned. Suspected intentional injury


Musician Ivo Pumins at different times in his life

Publisher, musician, producer, songwriter and Latvian music poet Guntars Račs Told social sites yesterday Ivo Pomina At the “Man” concert at the Tukum Cultural Center, the ending was not as planned. Someone reported that an explosive was placed, the police arrived and had to evacuate everyone. “One of the last options like that, that someone tried to destroy thoroughly,” Rex thinks.

“The bomb in the House of Culture, we must evacuate! The police have arrived, everyone must leave the place! This is how Ivo Pumina’s concert in Tucums ended tonight.

But, until then, super-audience, super-players and atmosphere. One of the last options like this, that someone tried to destroy thoroughly.

But it does not change anything. This coming Thursday I will be a guest of Ivo in Chassis. I’ll take the new book with me. Something like that. A new experience “, writes Guntars Račs on the social network” Facebook “.

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