Thursday , October 28 2021

Video Hungry hooligan trying to break into the closed Polderaja pizzeria


In Latvia

Criminal Notices

Boulder & # 8220; Pizza Workshop & # 8221; Trying to break a thug.

The bullwwhip "pizza workshop" tries to break into a bully.

Screenshot of LNT broadcast "Focus" video.

A young man with his colleague came into contact with three hooligans who tried to break into a pizzeria immediately after the end of their work in Bolderāja, Riga. One of them has been immortalized in the memory of the dining room of the CCTV camera, LNT broadcast "Focus" tonight.

For a while, at 10 Gobas Street, "Pizzas darbníca" works in Bolderāja, unfortunately, for the eighth time on Wednesday, the employees of this restaurant were attacked.

A man with cobbled stone tried to knock the glass door and maybe steal it.

However, it seems too much to reach the end. Pizza employees suspected that the attack involved three people.

Men were threatened, but a pizzeria worker calmed them down and stayed where they were. However, hooligans got on the bus and left.

Now the main attacker – Thunder Glass – has already announced the search, reports "Focus". A CCTV camera shows a minimal face of a culprit.

If you have information on where to look for a pizza drink, call the pizza workshop at 20755777 or call the police about 110, asking you to connect the caller to the Bolderaja station.

Another video is attached.

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