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What should I do to wear women's clothing online in a stick-like manner? ::


November 10, 2018 at 00:00
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The internet is just taking some time. However, by purchase
Things on the Internet, always pay extra attention, either
Targeted clothing fit your size. This is especially true
Consider whether a new or used shopping list women
, That "
hands ". Read on and find out what
Always keep a smart buy!

Tips for smarter purchases

No matter what
If your search includes an elegant winter coat or
Modern summer dress, online shopping will be more successful,
If you follow these four tips:

Discover your size

The body tends to change and also the size of apparel manufacturers
The standards are changing. Shop wisely, from time to time is valuable
Remove steps again.

The waist, the waist and the circumference of the chest and note it
For example, on a smartphone, so you can do so if necessary
Compare with target brand parameters.

Get to know your style

Do you
Closed is the rigid lines, classic silhouettes and monochrome colors
Gamma? Women's romance, soft silhouettes
Pastels? Dressed clothes, bohemian sloppy chic?
Stylized clothes and a life you can not ignore in the street?

Your personal taste, buying clothes online will become
Much simpler – you'll soon be able to see what women's clothes are
Adjust your closet.

to think
To develop your own style, create a Pinterest Collage with you
Nice dress patterns and colors and surfing moments,
When you are in search of new clothes!

Purchase quality items

Clicking the "Buy" button will definitely focus on the target

  • Design
    – Is that considerate? If the coveted thing is a bit unusual,
    If it will be quite comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle, for you
    Do you really want to wear this?

  • cut
    – If you bought secondhand clothes, or see how in the picture
    The piece of clothing "falls" on its former owner
    status? Perhaps a closer look of clothing is available, which shows how
    The seams of the garment were crushed (this is also a quality one

  • For canvas
    – Does the seller accurately indicate the materials from them?
    Women's clothing? Different fabrics have
    Different benefits – synthetic materials are often
    More resistant to rubbing, but natural materials,
    For example, cotton or linen has much better air
    Intrusion features.

Buy only trusted sites

New and used
Reputable reputation sites can be unpleasant
The clothes you get can
Different from those shown in the pictures, and may be
Of poor quality and insufficient for the promised size.

Will pay attention to the fact that the site you have chosen is trusted.
For example, buying new and used pearls online
On the Andelemandeel trading platform, you can be sure of that
The portal administrator checked the advertised ad
Content and will give you support in case of potential problems.

Pay attention when looking at clothing advertisements



You will find innumerable original, well-preserved, steam room
Pearls – both elegant clothing and fashionable accessories, both
Beautiful things to live. But by learning
On the platform, the question may arise – how
Know if women's clothing available fits your size?

The manufacturer's size standards vary (depending on the brand
Place of origin and target audience, with one brand to you,
Perhaps S, with another – size M). buyer
New or used clothes using Andelemandeel, you can
Find the size of the game in two ways:

  1. Getting to know
    With a particular brand clothing chart.
    You tried, for example, a used tango shirt from mango or lindex
    You're not sure about its size, you can use reference to yourself
    A table of clothes published on the website of the site. That's right
    The method does not always come in handy for a small or familiar brand
    Duplicate pearls;

  2. to ask
    Pearl seller, do the garment fit the specified size?

    What size wears the owner of the current outfit? Maybe you can
    Use it as a reference to see if the outfit
    Will be good for you?

On the Internet, it is important to get as much information as possible
purchase. Andelemandelet therefore recommend
When buying a product, ask the seller as well

  • The state of affairs
    – Some times wear the women wear worn clothes;
    Or shoes? Will not the necessary shoes be needed?
    New azoles? Do not look at the visible strings

  • cloth
    – Maybe the pearl is done
    Of fur fur, but only the seller can do it
    To characterize its texture – are the feathers soft or hard?
    Fabric glued flexible or firm? I looked
    The white T-shirt is transparent or not?

  • delivery
    "How will the women's clothes come to you?"
    Hands? If the purchase amount is small, but the distance is large, advantageous
    Option will be, for example, Omniva services. But if you are
    Seller lives in one city or purchase
    Larger (such as designer bag or cashmere sweater);
    Maybe you should meet face-to-face?

Is yours
The cabinet should be refined this year
? Be smart
Come on in

The online trading platform release the wonderful pearl

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