Sunday , March 7 2021

A Torah group of uprooted Syrians is leaving Lebanon for Syria

The ninth group of displaced Syrians returned voluntarily to their country, where the returnees gathered in large numbers, which exceeded the expectations of the public security men who followed their voluntary return.

Hundreds of DPs gathered in the morning at the Rashid Karmi exhibition brought buses belonging to the Syrian Ministry of Transport to Syria, confirming that their return was voluntary and not under pressure, and some of them responded to the minister and Human Rights Watch committed to return to their homeland Syria

The head of the Internal Security Information Branch, Nasser Nasser, who supervised the measures taken by the public security forces from the early morning, pointed out that the public security apparatuses, in direct coordination with UNHCR, are following the voluntary return project Displaced persons in coordination with the Syrian side. He stressed that the Lebanese security forces must take into account the desire of the displaced Syrians to return or remain in Lebanon.

Public security personnel escorted the convoy of buses to the border point.

The security officials were responsible for changing the location of the returnees, given the climatic conditions in which the exhibition halls opened Rashid Karami.

In the northern Jordan Valley, al-Jazeera reported that 61 Syrian refugees from the ninth batch began to leave the area since 6:00 am of about two hundred and fifty of those listed on the Lebanese security lists who were authorized to return to the western villages of Clamon at the Zomrani crossing on the Syrian border Lebanon, through the inventory of villages, called Fida al-Ghajar, Mara Ras Mara, and Yabrud, accompanied by the convoy of the convoy, the Lebanese public security with security assistance and protection from the Lebanese army in the presence of representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and representatives of humanitarian organizations.

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