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Abd Al-Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Hamidi accepts the "Vision of the 2018 Leadership Award" for the Association of Arab Banks


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Abdullah Abdullah Al-Hamidi receives the "Vision of the 2018 Leadership Award" for the unification of Arab banks from the Dunya Al-Watan website on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Ramallah – National Home
In the presence of Mr. Saad Al-Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon and his deputy, Mohammed Al-Gharrahi, Chairman of the Council of the Union of Arab Banks, members of the Federation Council, several central bank governors, heads of directors and managers of a large number of banks in countries Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IMF, presented the "Vision 2018 Leadership" award to the Association of Arab Banks, in recognition of His Excellency's achievements and for his distinguished role in increasing coordination and cooperation between the economic, financial and financial authorities. Arab Countries Support Efforts by Guarantor Countries to Achieve Economic Stability and Cultivate Financial Inclusion Establishing the foundations of sustainable development, in addition to its efforts to follow up the implementation of the Arab clearing system, this system has advantages in promoting trade and investment of intra-Arab regional financial integration and the use of Arab numerals. The Vision Leadership Award represents the highest award given by the Association of Arab Banks.

On this occasion, Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Bin Abdullah Al-Hamidi expressed his desire to the Union of Arab Banks and the Secretariat of the Union to continue the successes and achievements in the Arab banking service and expressed his pleasure in this grant to all its members, Or today in the Arab Monetary Fund.



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Source: Donya Al-Watan

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