Tuesday , May 17 2022

Common suffering .. Discovery of 6 reasons for # fertility when # women


Melbourne: Perhaps the most painful and painful problem for women is "infertility," which stands between them and the mothers' dream.

And share the suffering of infertility a number of reasons, according to the British "Standard Media" website:

1 – Tubular tube damage: If the fallopian tubes are damaged or not working efficiently due to blockage, this will prevent the sperm from reaching the egg for fertilization. This condition impairs access of the fertilized egg to the womb.

2. The number and quality of eggs: The ovaries produce a different number of eggs each time, and in some cases the eggs are not particularly effective for successful pregnancy because of factors affecting the quality of the eggs.

Hypothyroidism: Thyroid hormone is the key to regulating ovulation in women. This gland plays an important role in the preparation of pregnancy, so that the low level of thyroid hormone may lead to non-release of the egg from the ovary, causing infertility.

Endometriosis: The tissues that heal the uterus can grow outside. These tissues often grow in the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which cause the menstrual cycle and the inability to conceive.

Ovarian tissue: A hormonal disorder that causes small ulcers in the periphery of the ovary and leads to the production of male hormones more often than usual, which in most cases causes irregular menstrual cycles, an increased risk of diabetes and obesity.

Cervical fibrosis: Many women suffer from fibrosis, which is an intrauterine tumor that may be non-cancerous. Fibroids usually grow on the lining of the uterus and within the cavity, rarely extending to the outer surface.

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