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Hani Shaker creates the eighth night of the Arab Music Festival


Hani Shaker is the creator of the 8th Arab Music Festival, pictures of Hani Shaker on the eighth night of the Arab Music Festival. Hani Shaker is the creator of the eighth night of the Arab Music Festival.

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The great Egyptian artist, Hani Shaker, starred on the eighth night at the 27th Arab Festival, which takes place on the grand stage of the Egyptian Opera House in Cairo, bearing the name of the late artist Shadia.

Shaker took the stage to the tune of "O Most Expensive Name," led by Maestro Ibrahim Al-Mughi, between a warm welcome from the audience who were eager to attend the concert.

During the ceremony he also presented a selection of the most beautiful works of the days of fine art, along with the most famous works of passion and patriotism, including "La Hetcher, I love you, you go in Egypt, every night, if you love, after your love, Come, Mistake, Arikit Maya, the laughter, "and others, between applause of the audience.

The festival will be held this year between 12-12 November and will include 43 artistic performances in seven theaters: "The Great, the Little, the Institute of Arabic Music, the Republic, Damanhur, Alexandria and Tanta", with the participation of 72 artists from 8 Arab countries: "Egypt, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan "and the late star" Shadia "was chosen as the figure of the year.

This meeting was dedicated to the spirit of the late musician Michel Al-Masri and violinist Sa'ad Muhammad Hassan.

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Hani Shaker creates the eighth night of the activity of the Arab Music Festival .. Photos, follow us on the social networking sites of our site to get news and news always.

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