Wednesday , September 28 2022

Lebanon on a date with the first meetings of the National Theater Festival in December


The Lebanese are preparing to receive the first edition of the Lebanese National Theater Festival in December, organized by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Arab Theater Authority.

Lebanese Culture Minister Ghattas Al-Khoury said yesterday that "a cooperation agreement signed in May 2018 between the Arab Theater Authority and the Ministry of Culture in order to activate the Arab strategy for theater development approved by the Council of Arab Ministers of Culture in Riyadh In 2015 ".

He added that the first meeting of the festival will take place from December 3 to 9 at the Beirut Municipal Theater, at the closing ceremony and the distribution of prizes on the tenth of the month.

He noted that the festival's viewing committee had done 14 jobs and selected seven works for the final stage.

The festival awards seven prizes in composition, directing, acting, music and film, with a monetary value of $ 22,000.

The festival's representative, Rafik Ali Ahmad, announced the names of the participating works, including five production works.

The competing performances were directed by director Sahar Assaf, and Heine Khoury, "The Dead Sea," by Antoine Ashkar, "Patricia Namur" and "The House" by Caroline Hatem, directed by Carlos Chien and Aren Fraser by director Beatty Total.

The Arab Theater Organization, based in Sharjah, has collaborated with several government ministries and theater institutions in Arab countries to launch national festivals in 2018 in Mauritania, Sudan, Palestine and Bahrain.

Prepared by Sahih al-Khatib for Arab publication – edited by Mustafa Saleh

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