Sunday , October 2 2022

Lebanon to the Philippines ahead of the game with South Korea


– Lebanon left Beirut this morning for the Philippines to play two friendly matches ahead of the second window of the 2019 Asian Cup qualifier in China.
The team is facing two friendly games as part of these preparations, the first with its Filipino counterpart, and the second with one of the first-class competition competition there.
The Lebanese basket mission to Korea was set for June 26, in preparation for the Republic of Korea on December 29 and then on December 2 for the World Cup World Cup.
The final squad selected by coach Slobodan Sobotti included the following names:
At the Manufacturers' Center games: Ali Mazar, Gad Halil and Rudrich Eckel.
In the center of the wing (2-3): Prince Saud, Eli Rostom, Jean Abdel Nour and Ahmed Ibrahim.
(4-5): Atir Mijuk, Ali Haidar, Basil Bog, Charles Arsat and Daniel Fares.
Val Arcaggi, the star of the sports club, was absent from the national team, while a player that Neville Ali Maser recovered after recovering from an injury.
The Lebanese basketball team beat China in Beirut and lost to New Zealand on its soil.

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