Friday , May 14 2021

Ministry of Health: This is the approved vaccination certificate

The Ministry of Public Health stated that “the certificate approved for vaccination for those who received two doses of vaccine through the ministry is the electronic certificate containing the barcode issued on the vaccine data sheet through the electronic platform, without having to sign or sign it from the ministry.”

The ministry said that “the decision made earlier by the Minister of Health regarding the issuance of an official vaccination document for vaccines outside the national electronic platform, those who received the first dose outside Lebanon and brought with them the second dose of the vaccine. On better terms, or received vaccines through special initiatives.”

The decision sets out the need for these individuals to perform an IgG vaccine test two weeks after completing the second dose of the vaccine and to obtain an official document from an accredited laboratory in or outside Lebanon confirming the results of this test. Two medical syndicates in Lebanon, and based on these documents, the Department of Preventive Medicine in the Ministry of Public Health is issuing an official document confirming the validity of the vaccine of the person concerned.

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