Thursday , October 21 2021

Noga Kerem on Appa: "My voice is more important than anything else" – daily politics Kuwait


In addition to increasing the sinuses, confirming that in a meeting with the "Trending" program shown on the screen "MBC", he hesitated a lot and took a while before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, as he found that the reason for her recent nose operation was her suffering. "Herself" and her voice is more important than anything, stressing that her voice was positively influenced by surgery, indicating her desire to receive thinner nose.
Kerem found that she recorded a pre-recorded song after the surgery and explained that she was surprised by the result, as the difference in sound quality before and after the surgery was quite clear. Karam told her story about her fall in the first episode of the performance test of "Goliath Talent," and pointed out that the black color "the square artist" is fond of his elegance, and she loved the big dress she chose during her shopping trip in Milan. The Lebanese artist filmed her last video before she filmed the program, a new song in terms of structure, as it is a long experience and attempts generosity to appear in a great climate, similar to the clip of the album "Eini Levi", which included seven songs launched in 2000.

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