Thursday , October 28 2021

Renia Yosef reveals the secret of her activities in Media Media recently


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Cairo – by Mohammed Salah – Star Renia Joseph confirmed that she did not care too much media in recent times, explaining that she does not like mobile or photography too much and she does not like being her life publicly by posting her photos at any event or when doing something.

Renia told "Bay 365" that something had changed with her now, because she had time to worry about things she had not done before, including the media, and explained that she saw many of her colleagues filming and publishing it everywhere, it became more important, pointing out that it could be good publicity Bringing "Volors" and therefore filming events and others published on "social media" as much as possible.

In another context, Renia follows positive responses to her new series "as if she is open" right now on the channel cbc The workshop will be attended by Renia Yosef, Ahmad Wafik, Fafa Sadiq, Ahmad Khalil, Muhsin Mansur, Islam Gamal, Muhammad Al-Sharanobi, Muhammad Sulaiman, Huda Al-Mufti and a group of young people. mule.

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