Monday , October 3 2022

Scientists plan to use scorpion poison to deliver drugs to the brain


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Scientists plan to use scorpion to provide drugs to the human brain. The new method provides drug delivery through the protective barrier of the brain because of chlorotoxin (an amino acid called scorpion) found in the scorpion's joints.

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A group of scientists from the Institute for Biomedical Research in Barcelona used peptides (amino acids) derived from the scleroderma scorpion, which helped transport drugs through the blood-brain barrier (which prevents the introduction of toxic substances into the brain while preventing the passage of useful components) for the site "One".

"Ninety-eight percent of effective drugs can not be used because they do not beat the blood barrier of the brain, and now we have a cure that can overcome the barrier," said research-based author and laboratory director Ernest Giralt.

The experts concluded that "MiniCTX3" was able to transport vehicles through the brain blood barrier with a very high level of efficiency.

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