Thursday , October 6 2022

Show the last rehearsal of Magda to Rumi before the concert of Arabic music


Lebanese singer Magda Al-Rumi ended the evening with special rehearsals for her concert at the end of the Arab Music Festival in Egypt, led by Maestro Nader Abassi.

Yeda Al Romi is scheduled to hold the opening ceremony of the festival this year on the evening of November 15, where she will enjoy singing her most beautiful and beautiful new songs.

The festival celebrates the name of its late star, Shadia, at the 27th meeting of the festival, in addition to honoring the musician Michel El Masri, the late violinist Sa'ad Mohammed Hassan, the musician Hilmi Amin, the musician Salah Aram, Samir El Iskandrani, Latifa, .

Several stars in Egypt and the Arab world will participate in the festival, among them Mohamed El Halou, Mohamed Thabet, Marwa Nagy, Assi El Halani, Wael Jassar, Saber Al Rabie, Kuwait Nawal and others.

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