Thursday , October 6 2022

Stephanie Saliba This is the hardest challenge! | Al-Anba newspaper


Beirut – Pauline Fadel

Actress Stephanie Sliva sees this as a challenge when she wants to present two characters in the Karma series, especially in the belief that such an opportunity is the dream of every actress, but at the same time a double-edged sword or to prove it on the right track or turn it. According to Stephanie, this step involves a high risk of being an actress who is still at the beginning of her career and "Karma" is the second major series to star in.

This is a very difficult task, but it has been prepared for more than three months to make sure that the least mistake will be expensive.

She explained how she built both roles and prepared a detailed profile of each character, especially in terms of psychological structure, background and body language, adding that her work focuses more on the interior than on the outside, because changing abroad will not help unless accompanied by internal changes.

She confirms that the twin character is complex and karma does so when they change roles, Evil Hind changes to be a good animal, when an animal approaches the Hind after waving its wings and opens its wounds and opens a new window of life. She pointed out that the most difficult challenge is the embodiment of the two personalities in one scene, which is a state of duplication, according to the team.

And the similarity between "Karma" and the series "Mary", which embodied the Weabe personality Weabe, you see Crucifixion that there are no new and old cartoons in the drama that all the characters representation but the characteristic lies in the addition of a representative, And "karma."

She said that most women tend to be "strong" in India, while men prefer the "animal" and point to more than a wonderful series because according to the principle of "karma" or the justice of life, everyone will reap what he planted so what he did to Back to him, denied rumors about their participation in the production of "Karma", explaining that all I do is bring her dresses to the series and said: "And more Mac."

Stephanie has confirmed that participating in a series that earns a very high salary can not be tempting unless she is satisfied with that role and points out that what she means is the job itself and its effect on it can be. The material comes in second grade because it is convinced that the money will come to you. She refused to admit that she had reached the stage of carrying a whole series on her shoulders, adding that she preferred to talk about it with spectators and visitors.

She longed to get away from her arrogance and Manny was inflated, for the day she showed signs of vanity was the beginning of a storm. She expressed her gratitude to the environmental team and to MTV, who believed in her potential as an actress and assigned her the first role in "Moon Moon" while she was the first screen show.

Stephanie is very passionate about embodying the role of heroism next month in Ramadan opposite the Syrian artist Abed Fahd in a drama series called "Minute of Silence", especially because cooperation with his size representative will give the work a special taste and different opinion.

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