Wednesday , September 28 2022

The rights of the people of Beirut are second to Shabab


Sources in al-'Arabi told al-Akhbar that "a meeting held in June in the office of the governor of Beirut, Ziad Shabib, and in the presence of the representatives of the Development and Rehabilitation Council, the Beirut Water Authority and Mount Lebanon, and the representatives of the Gobiere municipality, decided to examine the pumping station in the Sultan (PS2) before pumping the sewage into white Ramle, but the Beirut municipality, contrary to the agreement, turned the automatic line under the banner of trying to manage the affairs of the Assyrian medal, "noting that" when we confirmed that the station still needs maintenance and rehabilitation, The CDR Amar stated that the lines do not operate and the infrastructure is capable of absorbing the rainwater and sewage originating in Ramla White We sent letters to the Beirut Municipality for development and rehabilitation that the situation could not continue as such, followed by a meeting in the office of the governor of Beirut in the presence of development and rehabilitation, The Beirut Water Authority and the works department at Goubieri, told them that we could no longer throw the sewage into the area, and there were demonstrations against it in the area of ​​San Simon, and on this day the governor and the municipality asked for 10-15 days to turn the sewage line into a channel in the Raouche area. But the deadline was long, and the sewage was in San Simon. So we decided to create sugar in the volume of our town to close the sewage sewerage flow to us, after we discovered the location of the station and found that what was intended to be an experiment for days spent by the contractor be eternal, in the sense that sugar was welded so that we can not close " The sugar required the return of the contractor to be closed again and the use of scuba equipment, and work for five days, meanwhile CDR had to return the pumping station to one of the contractors for about a month. "

The sources found that "there is nothing to do with what was done during the course of the trading of Al-Rahab's demand to operate the pumping station that connects the Al-Rahab sewage area, as this is our demand for a long time, but the project has not been implemented until now, The study cost $ 12 million Development and Rehabilitation Council.

In response to the governor's surprise, he threw cement at Rajlat al-Baida and acted on a basis he did not know, the sources of the Al-Raya municipality said: "The governor knows, but he acts like a joke, Bari, who was responsible for the opening of the Al-Baida stronghold, confirmed the Beirut Municipality's commitment to the promise, and found that the bulldozer was blocked by the concrete. The municipality of Beirut began a small amount so that within five days they could remove only 30% But it was about a month ago, but those who thought that it was removed enough to recycle the water before they were surprised last Friday because it is not enough need more work. "

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