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Achma is afraid of a failed boat in the office


On Friday, Gintautas Kanapeckas, the new CEO of the Achema Group, and other leaders in the group met with Ygimant Vaiy, Minister of Energy, during the meeting discussed issues of the acquisition of the SJD terminal, VIAP and other energy taxes without any clarity.

Today, the pain has taken place, says the head of the Achma group. In prayer, the Ministry of Energy is ready to sharpen its comments and will try to keep pace (meeting V) at a pace.

Prime Minister Sharon promised that strategic cooperation and communication with the ministries will not change the direction of change.

Gintaras Balainas, Vice Chairman of the Board of Achema Group, concerned about the fact that the Ministry of Energy's reflection does not become a reality.

We are afraid of some boat given. A sum of $ 10 million was also mentioned. Eur, now we see that this fee does not apply, – says p. Belina

He said the firm should be associated with the SJD terminal amounts from the middle of next year, but said the group would plan next year's budget before it starts. In addition, he said, he does not show how to use tax notes in the future.

Yes, it's the middle of next year. But, in our opinion, such a pint is not considered, as NCCPE on 25 October. New charges are authorized to activate the SJD terminal. They grow more than $ 2 million. Eur. A kilo of a million dollars, which could arise from the middle of next year, is offset by an increase, according to the. Belina

Do not take a detailed picture of the overall picture, "says Aurelia Vernickt, an adviser to the Energy Minister. – Since the first meeting with representatives of Achema fear, there have been a number of general measures to reduce taxes on Achem as the largest consumer of natural gas.Most of this was due to the decision to purchase SST terminal.This does not cast doubt on one side, and legal acts are already ready.

According to her, another change in the means of realization of sales volume from 2019

As a result, the Commission for the Development of Economic Infrastructure Government decided that after 2024 the Norwegian company Hoegh LNG will acquire the boat terminal of Klaipeda SSGD in Independence. This is one of the means by which, according to the Ministry of Energy, the roofs of the terminal can be halved for the company.

At present, Achema has paid a quarter of the total amount of the SkGD import terminal in Klaipda to more than $ 80 million. Eur. The Tr manufacturer imports about half of the total gas consumed in Lithuania, part by the SkGD terminal.

PIAP problem after the court decision

There are other means that Ahma agreed to continue talking, because the answer was not accepted before, but now we see a builder and do it. It should not be forgotten that the initiative of the Ministry of Energy has been available to ACM and other energy intensive industries in favor of PSO. And it's up to Mons to decide if she's doing something, says P & M. Veranica

Group representatives said the company was interested in taking advantage of the next PSO relief. However, when it comes to deciding on an arrangement with the director of the PSOI, it intends to make a decision of the court. Achema, Lifosa and Orlen Lithuania have been challenged to court in previous periods to collect the PIAP fee.

According to & # 39; Balinese, October 6 The European Court considers whether positive PSO are illegal and state support. Mr. Balin promised that the company decided on a final decision with the director of PSOP I (this will allow the use of a distinct PSO program) after the court decision.

I think we can find a solution to EJT very quickly, which is the GPS and the routes, "says P. Ballina

Starting in V, starting in 2019, the start-up will be subject to the relief of more than 1 GWh of electricity consumed by companies. It confirmed the share of (85%) paid PSO prices for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The rate of income will be calculated from 1 GWh of electricity consumed and used only by micro-finance institutions. Achema VIAP I owe the manager about 12 million USD. Eur's PIAP fee.

There are more than 800 ATMs for PSI relief.

The factory is fully operational

RamnasMiliauskas, general manager of AB Achema, said that the plant is currently working at full capacity.

The plant is now working at full capacity. It is natural that the bottom line has come to a time when trying to maintain production. Otherwise, we will experience additional heating that is needed to keep the equipment up to date, says the plant manager.

True, he notices that market players behave as atypical acquisitions of factory production has been burned, which is more than a month before the poor.

As a rule, purchases will be around mid-December, at the time of Ontin, – says p. Milliasco

Meet the tradition

In the summer, the leaders of the Akhma group met three times with Mr. Finally, at the end of August, the company's leadership met with Prime Minister Julius Skernellis, energy and industry ministers, in an attempt to compromise the delays of the SkGD terminal.

Mr. Belin clarified the inias in the media, and I have been previously dismissed by CEO Linas Sabaliauskas and Simus Klimavičius, an economist and CFO, for positions supported by these meetings.

They probably had their own plan, "said Balina They are not forgiven, but according to their will.

As I mentioned in the company report, distributed by the head of management, it was stated that P. Sabaliauskas and P. Klimaviyov dismissed as he lost the trust of the board of the group.

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