Saturday , October 1 2022

Dominic Lietkabelis played the most successful season of the season


Betsafe-LKL Championship "Lietkabelis" in Panevezys (7/3) achieved a crushing victory in the presence of his supporters when 94:63 (22:14, 21:15, 25:16, 26:18) wiped Pasvalys "stars of milk" (4/7).

For Lietikabel זה it was the most successful season of the season, and this victory with a 31 point difference is still the biggest season.

The first-legged Panavisis team imposed the rules on the opponents and began to claim the advantage. Before a long break, he was double-digit (43:27), and then the guests were crushed and there were no milk "brilliant milk" stars.

The first game between "Pieno vavaigždss" won 87:81, and Lietkabelis recovered against opponents.

The first game of Vaidas Kariniauskas in Panevžžys marked with 9 points (2/3 dvit., 1/3 trit., 2/2 baud.), 4 rebounds 1 ball laid, 4 rebounds, provocative offense, 2 mistakes, 4 fouls and 9 Useful result is 19 minutes.

Two newcomers, Dagobert Pena and Gerry Tritas, also appeared on the Psevezlis team.

The first in 26 minutes scored 10 points (2/6 dv, 1/5 trit., 3/3 baud.), He returned 6 balls, made an efficient transfer, missed 4 times, missed, provoked 2 fouls and collected 5 points of usability.

The second in 25 minutes scored 9 points (3/6 dvitt., 1/4 trit., 0/2 bad.), Rebound 3 balls, made 2 outcasts, provoked 3 injuries, 2 times lost the ball, the service.

"Handlebar": Mindaugas Kupšas 17 (5 years ago), Jamaras Wilson 14, Paulius Valinskas and Michael Morrisonas – 12, Frances Pilepis 11.

"Stars of Milk": Tom Leknnas 11, Dagoberto Pena 10, Carolis Petrukonis and J. Tratus – 9th.

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