Saturday , October 1 2022

Frisbee goes into the cash register: asks for a business bank account


"We received reports from the affected population that they, after hitting the most popular social network in the country, offered Facebook revenue, foreigners were allowed to use their accounts or agreed to carry out the actions they said by scammers.They were often asked to transfer their accounts from unknown sources to other accounts or Cash.

There have been cases where people entrust criminals with their access to e-mail. Banking data and eventually suffered even more losses, "said Thomas Beinaravičius, head of information security at Swedbank.

According to the bank, scammers are more likely to target young people, especially girls, when they are looking for people who can access their personal bank account. When they are interested in bidding, a scammer is writing a message that may ask for different things or promise even more money.

Scanpix / AP Photo / PC

Scanpix / AP Photo / PC

Finally, the promised money does not reach a person, and the movement of money at his bank account can attract the attention of police and police security experts.

"In such cases, scammers want to use other people's bank accounts to facilitate the receipt of money and other illegal acts.For example, an account of an unrecovered person may come in the form of money thrown by a phone scam or by putting fake sales of items or renting a house online , "T.Beinaravičius commented on the scammers.

According to him, the user has deposited his account data or Internet banking passwords can without knowing that he is a contributing crime.

Those who want to avoid the differences of state should avoid any proposal to become a financial intermediary, especially when such proposals are accepted on social networks by foreigners.

According to an expert, people should see their bank accounts as personal space, to which foreigners will not want to be online.

"If a person realizes that he is still clinging to the cheat bait, he must immediately contact the bank staff who will recommend what action should be taken.If other people have executed orders through the client's account, he must notify the police about it", – says T Beinaravičius.

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