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I am an unauthorized construction worker Niranga, after joining a clerk, wants to ask for 23,000 euros

Vilna, November 10 (BNS). Construction Inspectorate illegal decisions on construction In Neringa, Klaipdada district apprentice Administration receives about 23 thousand. EUR is 50 times smaller than the state-owned property.

The State Planning and Building Commissioner (VTPSI) announced that, as an attempt to former former administration officer of the former Klaipeda district, I requested to accept the illegal action by integrating the territorial planning documents and deciding to use the yachtclub restaurant.

In 2015, without a verdict, the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania would destroy the company "Meirona", which controls Juodkrant במסעדה restaurant, and the supervision of the construction of the municipality of Neeringa will be almost $ 1.15 million. euronews

The CPCI indicates that the salary is only 23 thousand. When examining the standards of practice and the law of the court, the amount of vial for acts of unjust servants can not be intended for nine employee's average salary.

By seeking justice, we seek to make the state compensation by non-taxpayers, and you are directly responsible to civil servants involved in their illegal acts and appearance of them. Responsibility and responsibility are an essential component of a transparent and open state of law and governance, says Egl Kuklierien, head of SPSS.

Inspectorate argued that not only officials of the Klaipdada County Chemist Administration, whose roles are Inspect perm, but also Klaipdada District, Krypte National Park Authority Klaipdada regional employees of the Department of Environment, were not authorized to work and supervised the state.

SCAA hopes that the decisions received by the Inspectorate will be taken and mentioned by the authorities, as well as the municipality of Nyeringa.

At the end of the next decade, the court will also allocate 733,000 to the municipality of Neringa and oversee construction. For the wages of people who have already gone bankrupt in the company Verslo investij projects, I purchased real estate.

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