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Kirilinka, who visited Qadnai, spoke about the sabotage of FIBA's "windows"


Orders, though he knows the answer

"Forgive me, but I played my best against the Lithuanian teams.That's why, I really want to have a party here, memories are the best" – said A. Kirilenko.

The president of the Russian Basketball Federation (RFB) was in a great mood on Saturday in Kadanyay, and the evening in the Lithuanian capital of cucumber did not hit them.

The 37-year-old striker from the top of the cup saw the women's team of his country after the last seconds 79:77 Lithuania appeared in the European Championship.

Russia is no longer such a dominant force in women's basketball as in the past decade. But along with a player like Evgeny Beliakov, Xenia Levchenko or Maria Vadeyev, is at least a specimen without defeats and has already moved one leg through the threshold of the final stage.

At the same time, the men's team can not boast, which in the pre-competition of the Earth in the qualification contest has become a big headache.

4 victories same failure of the Russians in their account in the K group occupy the third position. It will be enough to replace places with a step under the pins with the same standard of living and Russia will remain without the World Cup.

Then, one will not let easily ignore the fact that Alexei Swedes or Timofejs Muzgov played in the qualifying competition only under two games.

Like the other team coaches, Sergey Bazarevich has sought out hobbies for the NBA and Euroleague matches during the club season.

This system is not perfect, but it seems to me that at least it's worth the effort. If it does not disappear, we will not do any more. And now there's such a wedge that we do not even try.

Andrew Kirilenko

Although the CSKA team of Moscow and Chimki players are on the list of Russian team candidates for the end of November, a Kirilenka Krepš admitted that they have no guarantee that at least one of them will help them deadly battles.

"We all understand what's important here, if you can not get the strongest of what you do, we'll work with what we have," he said.

Team tours are impressive

If the Lithuanian national team will play the same game that night as Kaunas "alalgiris", the Russian and Finnish bears will double with "Chimki" match.

"I'm not happy – a hit or a team, or clubs – any choice you choose, yet someone will be bad" – said A. Kirilenko, smoothing.

Like all basketball players, AK-47, called a high level, calls it a strange situation. He is only looking for roots in a garden other than those who impose a regular schedule with FIBA, which does not match the Euroleague.

A. Kirilenko claims to respect the interests of clubs and does not want to face direct confrontation with the CSCA, the team that spent most of its European career.

However, he accuses FIBA ​​of failing to comply with the Euroleague, as if forgetting that the same CSKA is the last of its core.

"FIBA dictates basketball rules, but they are not followed, there is an imbalance, everyone is doing what they want, it does not seem right to me, since all the countries have joined FIBA ​​and agreed to stick to its rules. We want to punish anyone, we are all family basketball, I just want to get a good deal.

I think Euroly can easily open both windows in November and February. Do you think there's something wrong with the season after the week? For gamblers, it can even be beneficial to morality, because they can go home, play for the team, and get emotions. NBA or other basketball players on the continent – it's hard for them to fly a long, clumsy ride. This system is not perfect, but it seems to me that at least it's worth the effort. If it does not disappear, we will not do any more. And now there's such a wedge that we do not even try. The system openly rejects, and it mentions sabotage "- said A. Kirilenko.

The president of the RFB claimed further that he sees the advantages of the selection contest, although his Russians are getting into trouble.

A. Kirilenko especially stressed the fact that the national team played home games in four different cities: Lower Navard, Perm, Krasnodar and Yamaki.

"I see great successes in this system, for example, we can see our collections more than once a year, as before, even the strongest part of our team is not a huge tremor, full legs and excellent TV ratings. We want to see your team more often, and we have a great opportunity to bring the players to their home town, even if they are far from the main centers. "Former boxers from Ijevsk praised FIBA ​​windows.

There is no unity

No matter what the idea of ​​the selection contest, she would admire a Kirilenko, it seems unlikely that he is willing to take leadership in finding solutions to the situation in the dispute between FIBA ​​and Euroleague.

Today federations led not only a brilliant personality: Spanish Jorge Garbajosa, Croatian Stojko Vrankovič, Serbia Predrag Danilovich, Turkish Hidayet Turkoglu, Livy Arvydas Sabonis.

Next week there will be a basketball basketball in Vilna, where the FIBA ​​European Division will take place, but it is unlikely that any concrete initiatives could be born here.

Why do everyone complain, but no one tries to concentrate and get in order?

Kirilenko admits – not everyone thinks so.

"Say, and what do I have to leverage? Unless I can beat the players, but I understand very well that they are not here at all, we talk to each other forever, but that does not mean we have to listen.

Some people – two opinions. Those who work in one country can not be the other. This calendar interests us, but there are those who are not comfortable with it. Maybe we can sit and look for common solutions, but it will not be easy. Even if we federation heads gather five or seven, our conversation will be meaningless unless we reach the Euroleague and FIBA. And each of them will catch himself and not descend. "The Russians reduced their forces.

Dariusz Lavrynovitz, Andreez Kirilenka and Victor Kripa

Dariusz Lavrynovitz, Andreez Kirilenka and Victor Kripa

© DELFI / Šarnnas Mažeika

Lithuanian basketball is similar to chess

Despite criticism by the leadership of the Euroleague, Kirilenka claims to consider the same tournament.

"Often my words are misinterpreted, I am drawn as the enemy of the Euroleague.This is not the case.Indeed, I myself, even very much, like to visit Euroleague matches", – assured the president RFB.

If he does not meet in Vilna next Wednesday, he will probably look at the classic Zaglegis and the CSC in Moscow.

"The CSKA can win in the Euroleague for the last 20 years, as well as every season, a great team, a great vehicle, but the final four is the Lotto, where CSKA still does not have a good success rate.

Zalgiris? I have not seen him this season, but I have no doubt about it. I want to congratulate Sarunas Jasikevičius, a really great coach. And I love all the Lithuanians very much: I played in one group with Gintaras Einikis, Ramunas Šiškauskas, Darius Lavrinavičius, before I followed A. Sabonis, Šarnnas Marčiulionis, Rimas Kurtinait ו and Valdemaras Chomičius.

Lithuanian basketball is always smart, intelligent, so nice to see. When the square meets Lithuanians, it is always a chess party. If, for example, American teams rely on athletics, the Lithuanians must always try to deal strategically. Also, your supporters are grateful. Also here, apparently, Kedainiai is away from Kaunas and Vilnius, two basketball centers. But enter the arena and find a cozy, modern room with a great atmosphere. I want to congratulate you, you – the winners, "A. Kirilenko did not compensate for compliments to Lithuania.

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