Monday , November 29 2021

Month of prostate cancer: The public is invited to engage in active activities


In November, not only in Lithuania, but also throughout Europe, designed to prevent prostate cancer. This year, the three organizations gathered together for the common goal of raising the issue of men to speak even louder and to include as many citizens as possible in active prostate cancer treatment activities. One of the most important is the "escape events" Uava "last November for men not only for men.

Prostate cancer in Europe is currently diagnosed at 450,000. Men The number of symptoms of prostate cancer diagnosed in Lithuania is up to 500. Grouping in the early stages does not show obvious symptoms, therefore, men are encouraged to perform a prostate specific antigen probe (PSA) even when they feel great.

Pulse Rakštys, head of the prostate cancer treatment association, believes that prostate cancer is increasingly diagnosed at a young age, so not only older men should be concerned about their health.

Earlier, due to this disease, it was necessary to test at the age of 50. Today, prostate cancer research should be done over 40 years. Especially for those whose family members suffer from cancer, "says Rex.

Every year in November, various activities are conducted to encourage men to perform PSA tests, not to be afraid to speak out loud about prostate cancer, and to encourage their health care for loved ones.

This year, three organizations – the Prostate Cancer Association, the November Bird Flu and the US Escape – have united to raise awareness of the prevention of prostate cancer this year.

The latter organize the last bearded November event for the fourth consecutive year, which began with the members' race and grew to an annual tradition of more than 100 participants.

"In March, all the marathons ended, people were less moving, so we thought it was time to raise rabbits and mustaches and spend the last Sunday of the month running, the main idea is that if you can find time to come to an event, Says Modest Basis, one of the organizers of the US run.

Interest in this event grows every year. The route of the year is to be prepared in the botanical garden of the University of Vilnius, where on 25 November. It is expected to attract up to 500 participants. The initiative is funded by pharmaceutical companies Ipsen and Sanofi.

Not only men, but also women and children are invited to the "Baking Run" event. "We are waiting for anyone who can spread a message about preventing prostate cancer in their relatives circle." After all, women and children can urge their family to do research, "says Bacys.

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