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Research LRT. The center of drawings contributed Lithuanian mobile signature to the Astamins – Scandinavian banks are thrown behind businesses


In the Enterprise Enterprise Center of Registers, which recently focused on trying to "close" the provision of free data to the media, there are even stranger things.

At the beginning of the summer, the center of prescriptions lost about 70%. He will provide credentials for mobile signatures for users – more than 200 thousand. Customers. They were "thrown" by communications companies, who decided not to use the registration center services, but Estonian company SK ID Solutions. Este, as the operators say, offered safer certificates and more reliable solutions.

However, this change was accompanied by a series of strange overlapping questions that raised the question whether the Estonian company did not find reliable assistants in Lithuania, which provided opportunities to establish itself in this very viable market.

The change was accompanied by a series of strange overlaps that raised questions about whether Estonian society did not find Lithuania's helpers in Lithuania.

Once an electronic electronic signature in Lithuania should be very much in demand. Large commercial banks in the country have already announced that, starting next fall, electronic banking customers will no longer be able to use code codes due to security requirements. They will have to choose other forms of connection, the last of which is called a mobile signature, which requires only the purchase of a special SIM card – no scanners or special programs installed on computers.

Shadow went, and then gave a recommendation

In 2008, two state-owned centers were established that provide certification services for authorized electronic signatures – the Registration Center and the Population Registry at the Ministry of the Interior. Certificates since 2005 also provided a private company digital certification center.

However, certificates for mobile signature, which the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority supervises this market as the fastest service, were provided only by the Center of Accreditation of the Register Center. The four mobile telephony operators, Telema, Tele2, Bit Li Lietuva and Talia Leietuva, distributed their certificates with SIM cards.

After 2016 in the fall of the parliamentary elections following the change in the Lithuanian government, the situation began to change even in the state registry center. Already in 2017 there were talk of sealed programs that could have operated in this institution. At the end of the year, the media reported possible connections between the founder and founder of EmeSolution, Darius Grigalius, head of the Center for Registration Center certification, Mindaugas alialiukas, and the supplier of EmeSolution.

The LRT Investigations Department was able to obtain a confidential audio record showing how Sulayus Urbanovius, the former director of the Center for Records, formerly the Special Investigations Service, tried to persuade Zelljos to leave. The director of the diploma center is offered compensation of six months according to compensation and explains who will wait if he does not.

"We need to ask questions, then send your information, then look for answers to your other questions, and then, look, and then, as they say, we'll add something else to get those answers. You do not agree with them, and then we go to court, "S. Urbanabicius teaches the employee.

LRT's investigation department, the new registrar's center manager, assured Melissa, "did not press."

"I think this conversation is perfectly normal, and there is no pressure there, and you can conduct this conversation in public." In that sense, it's perfectly normal, "he said.

S. Orbanibicus also admitted that he signed the recommendation with the consent to leave the M.Zaliukas.

"There was a reason to go to law enforcement, really, or to do some other actions, as far as I can tell you, That we have data, was not ", – said S. Urbanavicius.

Sigismund Guadavilla / 15 minutes / Solius Orbanavicius

Sigismund Guadavilla / 15 minutes / Solius Orbanavicius

Mr. Zaliukas himself convinced that his dismissal from his post may lead to the possibility that the mobile signature certification service will no longer exist in the center of the register.

"It gives the impression that this is what they want to do, because once the former manager of the center of prescriptions in this region becomes a poor player, and may later abandon his activity," he told LRT.

The formation of the board aroused doubts

However, last year the public defendants in possible sealed decisions were based on the government's decision to change the subordination of the registration center – to transfer the company from the Ministry of Justice under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice to Rox Masiolis, the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

This office took over the center and register exactly one year ago – in 2017. November 15 Only one day later, it was publicly announced that the new board of directors of the company, appointed by three representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and two independent members – Egl Rad Radvil,, Computer and Egidijus Vaišvilas, finance and banking expert.

The question arises as to how the Ministry of Transport and Communications succeeded in bringing the Board of Directors to the day, although in accordance with the procedure approved by the Government, this process is supposed to last at least one month in accordance with the requirements of transparency. The litatus Ritas, who brought up the subject, was unable to obtain answers from the Transportation Ministry, nor the criteria of management, nor what the independent members recommended.

Vytaut Šmaižyt,, adviser to the Minister of Transport and Communications, noted that the decisions were taken "at the center of the register" identified a very serious corruption risk.

"In order to protect the interests of the state, in accordance with the requirements of the law, the decree of the Minister was immediately established by the active and professional Center of the Registry, while the formal selection procedures were initiated by the selection and appointment of independent members of the Board of Directors," said the Minister for advice Lietuvos Ritas.

Loss was accompanied by overlap

It was just at the time when the new center of the registry center began to work, when the company headed by interim administrators (S. Orbanabicos was appointed only in June of this year), decisions were made, accompanied by surprising overlaps, then the Roisters Center lost more than 200 thousand. Mobile signature users.

The decline began with the Communications Authority, and sponsored by the Ministry of Transport, announcing that since 2005, a private digital certification center company has been operating since February 12 this year. You will no longer be able to issue appropriate electronic signature certificates if the company does not prove that its services meet the security requirements. Afterwards, while maintaining the convenience of the customers of the Digital Training Center, among others, many medical institutions, "Sudara" and others, were extended until March, and the permit was finally lifted in May.

Although the Digital Accreditation Center disagrees with the decision of the Communications Regulatory Authority and is still deliberating, its customers, after they called the communications supervisory authorities to choose a new service provider, was flooded in the registrar's center. It is through its provider, the company that has already noted EmeSolution, has retained an additional email.There is a need for signature service (USB storage).

However, the new center of the registration center on March 3 made a decision on possible possible acquisitions to stop the deal with EmeSolution and recommended the registry center to seek alternative suppliers, as it turned out, just does not exist. A spokeswoman for the press center, Mindaugas Samkus, today announced that the Center for Prescriptions has two contracts with EmeSolution, which is necessary to ensure the provision of electronic signature services, actively seeking to ensure the competitive quality of providing this service in the market.

However, at the same time, the Council Center Consumer Center, through the company's press releases, immediately offered a "cheaper and flexible" alternative – a mobile signature. However, it is already known that the mobile signature permits of the Center to the Registrar, due to tightening security requirements from July 1. Expires. As a result, users of the registrar's center, who use a mobile electronic signature, are required to replace SIM cards and thus receive new electronic signature certificates that meet their requirements.

In other words, the new model cards that meet the stringent requirements were offered by the Estonian SK ID Solutions Estonian company, which was in operation at the time in Lithuania.

Companies "Bit Li Lietuva" and "Talia Lietuva" have passed the estuaries, and some of the customers have also been transferred to Tele2 – thus the registration center lost more than 200 thousand. Users. Only Teledemos and some of Tele2 customers remained in the Lithuanian state institution – a total of 37 thousand. Users.

"Since the summer of this year, the EU has entered new security requirements that have provided a significantly higher level of security for mobile signatures.This required a new model card.At the same time, we had the SK ID solutions that made the decision and the center are listed. In general, the answer to the question why we chose ID ID solutions was very simple: due to the fact that the experience with registry center solutions was such that they failed to ensure quality at an affordable price in terms of next-generation solution "- Investigations LRT Dalia Telia Lietuva spokeswoman Audrey Stasaulaitis said division.

However, the former deputy director of the Center registers, Arvydas Bagdonavičius, World Bank consultant, now wondering whether the overlaps caused the transfer of communications operators to the Estonian company.

"When another company enters and occupies this place, and something special" holds "in order not to develop it in the center of prescriptions, it immediately brings up different conspiracy theories, certain issues for which it was necessary to do so," he told LRT.

Shareholders – Scandinavian companies

Estonian SK ID Solutions can not be called a new player in the Lithuanian market. It was authorized by mobile telephony company Omnitel (now Telia Lietuva) for mobile certification services in Lithuania in 2005-2015, only then called "Sertifitseerimiskiskkus."

2016 Termination of Service Mobile Signature Approval At first – as stated, due to the expiration of its certificates that meet the security requirements of that period, – the Estonian company has not changed completely from Lithuania.

Director of the Center for Records. Orbanivitus is convinced that the solutions for the SK ID solutions were opened by the company's former managers.

"Suppose, back in 2017, for reasons not yet understood, an agreement was concluded with the same Estonian company to provide exclusive conditions – at a discount of 4.5 times.Why conclude such a contract, especially in exceptional circumstances, why not take into account the government decision, where prices were clearly set for traders Others and other participants "- he asks.

Earlier the Central Marks Center said that the data for the Estonian company were sold in the same way as other market players working with the identification of customer data. And SK ID Solutions at the same time introduced its Customer ID Identification and Smart Solution, which is currently being used by SEB and Swedbank Banks.

This solution offers a connection to other banks operating in Lithuania. But they refused – as it was said, that he discovered that the system was created by SK ID Solutions, managed by two major banks.

What are the shareholders of this Estonian company? After 25% SK ID stock solutions are managed by SEB and the headquarters of Swedbank. Another 50 percent has a subsidiary of Swedish telecommunications company Talia in Estonia.


At Talia, only in its Lithuanian branch, then called Omnitel, ten years ago, was the chairman of the board of directors of the Center for Prescriptions. Weissvills, who served as general manager, worked for more than 10 years, so he was one of the leaders.

Weswils, the LRT Investigations Division, said he did not support relations with his former colleagues, and SK ID Solutions, run by the same shareholders, did not care.

"Oh, listen, it's hard to deny here, of course I could not, my ethical standards are still above all," he said.

However, according to the chairman of the board of registered center, who contributed mobile signatures to the Estonian company, the market will suffice for everyone.

"We do not want to limit the competition.Yes, we believe that anyone who can provide a successful service must provide.We are one of the market participants," A. Vaisšvilas argued for his position.

Clives Pihalas, head of ID ID Solutions, also claimed that he did not seek a match between Lithuanian officials.

"We hired a legal adviser, but this is a private law firm, and in our opinion there is nothing to do with government officials," he said.

With the Minister of Investigations of the LRT, the Minister of Transport and Communications, appointed by the chairman of the Center of Centers and Centers, A. Vaisvilas, said it was highly doubtful whether previous relations between Vaira Vysvilis and Telia could affect current decisions.

"There were thousands of people with Talia," he says.

Julius Klinskas / 15 mins Photography / Rock from Cyulis

Julius Klinskas / 15 mins Photography / Rock from Cyulis

The Minister of Transport also explained that the former director of the registration center was responsible for the loss of mobile signatures. All decisions were made before the start of the new board.

"When it happened, it was too late to fix it, so the new leadership could not change anything in this place, but the criticism is being done, and it will assess who is responsible for it and who contributed it," Mr. Masiulis said.

The business was interesting

However, it is clear that the registrar center has provided so far a mobile registration service of players in the device market.

In the spring of last year, the Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK) and its president, Vladas Sutkos, joined the largest Lithuanian business enterprises, as well as banks and communications companies, who then turned to the Ministry of Justice and Government at the registration center. Public authorities have said that mobile certification service certification should be transferred to private businesses.

"We have raised the issue that may need to be transferred to this market.We say that commercial services should be provided to the business.National organizations should not seek profit if they provide a monopoly service," said V. Sutkus to the investigation department of LRT.

When asked what caused the appeal, he claimed that the issue was raised by LVK members.

"They see that an electronic signature does not work properly, which raises the question – why … There are also IT companies that believe that private businesses can carry out this business with abilities and skills, and this is consistent with our organization's approach to doing business and the role of the state in doing business "Said the president of LVK.

When asked whether Telia, as well as SEB and Swedbank, could have initiated the conversation, V.Sutkus did not deny it. "I'm no longer the same, in the sense that it was a particular company, but I say it's anyone who has a relationship with providing these services," he said.

S. Orbanbitsus, the head of the Records Center, was asked if he did not try to find out whether SK ID is not using its relations with its shareholders, as well as registration center employees, in order to achieve its goals, noted that "a considerable amount of time has passed from the registration center" This question.

"As is well known, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is under investigation, which will certainly identify the damage that has already been identified, and of course, after the findings of the audit, I think there will be a need for additional assessment – damages and legal liability."

The money would leave Lithuania

However, Urbanavicius admits that after the transition to Estonian company SK ID Solutions, most telecom operators, money that was previously existed there Lithuania.

"On the one hand, we do not have very high revenues, a large part of the revenues compared to the rest of the Center's activities, but of course, in terms of reputation, there was very serious damage," he said.

Center records show that last year its revenues from the provision of electronic signature service amounted to 190 thousand. The euro in the first 10 months of this year, this income amounted to 110 thousand. Next year will probably be even lower, as it will be transferred to the Estonian company controlled by the Scandinavian banks.

At the end of the center of the Central Center's registration center, alialiukas states that much more money can be made from the actions of a Lithuanian mobile signature that has become a real Lithuanian.

"As an example, the health service provided by the Center registers about 20 mln .transactions, that is, both electronic prescriptions issued on time tags and electronic signatures.Therefore, the state saves about 800 thousand. – 1 million euros if the center of prescriptions will not provide This service to its electronic signature tool, then it will need to be bought, so that's the amount that will need to be placed from the state budget for private infrastructure, that is to say Estonian company or someone else to appear, "he said.

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