Saturday , October 16 2021

Review of the lights of the Vecchia Ria Squarenellius

The idea of ​​food vouchers drawn by critics of economists and market analysts is not even supported by the government itself. From the Ministry of Agriculture, leaked information that officials responsible for creating a coupon system say that food coupons not only do not reduce prices, but on the contrary, will push them even further. Both Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis and Minister of Agriculture Giedrius surprisingly attack the fire, explaining that leaked information is not final.

The new food inspiration of the government of Saulius Skvern מזכירה reminds once again the existing vouchers that Lithuanians exchanged food and other goods and services during the occupation and independence.

For example, for 7 euros or 8 euros in Lithuanian Post, you buy a coupon 10 euros – voucher, With whom you can buy the most basic food in the shops of small farmers.

According to Svenalis, Breaking Will enable residents to buy cheaper food and help small farmers' shops. Such coupons will cause large business people to cut food prices. True, economists and market analysts were unable to visit.

"Taxpayers" will be paid for discount cards, Breaking – Coupons for some specialty stores. It's also a bad time, considering that this is an election period and bad means. From somewhere to see whether this taxpayer gift taxpayers' money, whether it is social support, is unreasonable, does not apply, and most importantly, will not reduce prices, "says Jillians Šilnnas, an independent market expert.

The first criticism of the government's Arrow waves did not stop, voucher Svenalis transferred the development of the system to the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance. But here's the situation, not much better. From the Ministry of Agriculture, information lost, in which his employees also criticized the idea of ​​food vouchers. According to these experts, coupons will not reduce food prices, on the contrary – it may even increase.

He added that buying coupons will be difficult, since there is a lack of Lithuanian post office in rural areas, while driving away will not pay much. Breaking This will also be a problem for the shops themselves as they need to be managed.

As it leaks to the information, S. Scvernelis does not hide the disappointment of the Ministry of Agriculture.

"I do not quote what was lost when the minister's signature confirms the position, and then we will talk, and in any case I see it as a standard like the reluctance of certain bureaucrats to do something.It is better to find 100 reasons not to change anything than to use force to create creativity and say how to do it "Said the prime minister.

The Minister of Agriculture did not find out who threw the information.

"This is not the first time we have seen torn trends, perhaps with the aim of endangering the image of the minister, damaging the reputation of the ministry, or even opposing the government with each other," says Agriculture Minister Giedrius Surplys.

The Ministry of Agriculture explains that the leaking criticism is not a final decision voucher. The ministry must submit an opinion to the government by November 21.

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