Thursday , October 6 2022

“Šiauliai” – “Žalgiris” 50:72 (31 minutes) / News


Today, the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) returns to the blue screens and in one round of matches in Shauliai, local Šiauliai-7bet (2-2) and champions Kaunas “Zalgiris” (5-0) will win. Their weapons.

  • After three halves 70:50 Opposite “Zalgiris”.
  • You can find here the statistics protocol of live games.

Game progress:

0: 0, one minute: The controversy is won by the hosts.
3: 2, 2 minutes: Armwood opens the game with a three-pointer. Modii responds in the colon.
4: 2, 2 minutes: Armwood scores one fine.
6: 4, 2 minutes: Olnov colon. Staniolis reacts in parallel.
6: 7, 4 minutes: Mudiay’s long range shot.
6: 9, 4 minutes: Pirate Modi on a fast attack.
8: 9, 5 minutes: Elmore’s first points.
8:11, 5 minutes: Nebo’s free throws.
10:11, 6 min: Throwing crows from a medium distance.
10:13, 6 min: Cavanaugh colon with offense.
12:13, 7 minutes: Svetsky’s colon under the basket.
15:15, 7 minutes: Mudiay and Crow exchange points.
15:17, 9 minutes: Two-point Lekavičius.
17:17, 9 minutes: The first points of Stankevichius.
17:18, 9 minutes: Lacavius’ fine.
19:21, 10 minutes: Elmore and Milas exchange points.

Šiauliai-7bet: Martynas Varnas 5, Gerald Armwood and Jonathan Elmore 4 each.

Žalgiris: Emmanuelis Mudiay 9, Lukas Lekavičius and Artūras Milaknis 3 each.

19:23, 11 minutes: Milo’s colon.
23:23, 12 minutes: Armwood’s colon. Stankevichius adds Floating į.
23:25, 12 minutes: The first points of Belzewicz.
25:29, 14 minutes: Groups exchange points.
25:32, 14 minutes: Remote shot from Lacavius.
25:35, 15 minutes: Milo’s three.
26:37, 16 minutes: Staniolis throws one fine. Modii responds in the colon.
28:37, 17 minutes: Powerful crow laying.
28:39, 18 minutes: A hard shot by Cavanaugh from a medium distance.
29:39, 18 minutes: Elmore throws one fine.
29:41, 18 minutes: Cavanaugh points on a spin game.
29:43, 19 minutes: Two more Cavanaugh points.
29:45, 20 minutes: Two-point nebo.
29:48, 20 minutes: A long shot of a mountain climber.

Šiauliai-7bet: Martynas Varnas 7, Gerald Armwood 6, Jonathan Elmore 5, Eimantas Stankevičius 4.

Zalgiris: Emanuel Modii 11, Arturas Milaknis 10, Tyler Cavano 8, Lucas Lacavius ​​6.

Gustavas Clickna, BasketNews journalist
The nightmare of “Zalgiris” injuries continues. Emanuel Modii, who took the ball at the end of the second half, wanted to put the ball from above, but his shot was blocked by Giadrius Staniolis, and the American landed unsuccessfully on his left foot. Down the field, Mudiay was injured as the game became more physical, and was forced to leave the field. Modii later went to the dressing room herself. After the break, the defender did not warm up, but walked by himself.

31:48, 21 minutes: Sabeckio dvitaškis.
31:51, 23 minutes: A long shot of a mountain climber.
31:56, 24 minutes.: Colon point, Lukošiūnas colon.
32:56, 24 minutes: Armwood throws the penalty.
35:56, 25 minutes: A crow from afar.
39:56, 26 minutes: Armwood Points. Stanley’s colon.
39:60, 26 minutes: Technical foul of a raven. Milas throws a fine. Long shot from Lukošiūnas.
50:70, 30 minutes: Groups exchange points.

Šiauliai-7bet: Martynas Varnas and Jonathan Elmore 10 each, Gerald Armwood 9, Giedrius Staniulis 7.

“Zalgiris”: Arturas Milknis and Emanuelis Modii after 11, Marx Belzevicius 8 and Tyler Cabano after 8.

50:72, 31 minutes: Two-point Lekavičius.

The residents of Kaunas are in the LKL championship without stumbles and with a series of 5 wins they are the only team in the league that did not lose.

At the same time, the students of Antanas Sirayka won by 50 percent. 2 out of 4 games played and ranked seventh in the rankings.

Joffrey Laubergen, Janis Strelniks and captain Paulius Inconas will not be able to help Zalgiris due to injuries.

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