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St Catherine Church – Lirika Alina Orlova Concert to celebrate the creative decade


The repertoire of the musical way this evening shared the show with his loyal fans, who, along with the singer, followed many recognizable songs.

Aurelova special this year – the artist mentions her first album "The Wild Dog Traveling" and the premiere on the big stage for decades, and fans are happy with the presentation of their latest album "Daybreak".

Debut on stage and unexpected popularity

Alina, who grew up in Boys, began to create and play music in childhood. A wider circle of listeners met her music in 2007, when she was recognized as the "breakthrough of the year" in the alternative music awards "ELT". That year, her famous song "It Does not Change" in the awards of a novice, Pravda, won the best song candidate.

However, the biggest breakthrough in Alina took place a decade ago, when in 2008, Orlov's first studio album "Wild Wild Dog" appeared. There are 16 songs created by the works of Elina and favorite authors on Lithuanian, English and Russian.

In just a few minutes, the songs were loved by people of all ages at one glance. And her first concerts on Vilna Street in Catherine's Church and in the State Drama Theater of Kovno were endless bowling halls and translations.

St Catherine Church - Lirika Alina Orlova Concert to celebrate the creative decade

© DELFI / Jasnnas Jorigis

Recognition abroad

Alina's special and wonderful voice and sentimental songs began to reach not only Lithuanians but also foreign listeners. Already that year, knowledge about the artist spread to Russia.

The Rolling Stones editor, after hearing about a nineteen-year-old singer, rated him on the pages of the prestigious music magazine. Soon there was a first concert in Moscow. After a successful performance, the artist began working with a publishing company with which he has collaborated so far.

The French audience also loved the artist. Alina appeared at various festival festivals, presented her work until finally appeared publishing company, which sang the album in France, Switzerland, Germany and Benelux.

A. Orlova also organized concerts in Britain, Ireland and Poland.

After the debut album, two more works were completed in 2010. The second album, "Mutabor", appeared in 2015. The 88 album, which is hidden under the name of its birth year, has gained popularity abroad.

St Catherine Church - Lirika Alina Orlova Concert to celebrate the creative decade

© DELFI / Jasnnas Jorigis

British music critic Cyron Tyler, who writes for Billboard and the famous "Mog", visited more than one concert concert he called memorable, and chose "88" as the best album for 2015. Then, on the website of the site , He wrote: "Her graves, tunes that are immediately won, are full of national anti-Baltic traditions."

Poetry, aesthetics, and at the same time, Orlov's poetry was also enchanted by foreign actors. She sings with renowned British artist Natasha Bedingfield and American producer and songwriter John Forte. During their joint tour, the documentary "Russian Winter", which appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, was supported by actor Robert De Niro.

The last album is the end of the first stage of the creative process

"Dawn" of Day Orlov merit saw the light of day in July, after a break of three years. If a decade ago, the visitor's unique voice was easily enthralled, listeners would hear much more vocal and older on the album.

The executive says she is returning to the roots with her first album, "The Wild Dog has already left" and marked the end of her first stage in the creative process.

St Catherine Church - Lirika Alina Orlova Concert to celebrate the creative decade

© DELFI / Jasnnas Jorigis

The last album – 10 pieces that takes only a few minutes, but full of drama, sadness, sensitivity and power. The listeners will hear performances by Russian ballads, Lithuanian and English works performed by the director, in which the promoter adopted his feelings and experiences. Also on the album, listeners will be introduced to the works of their favorite Alina writers.

Alina's new album has been heard by fans in Lithuania at the "Mid-Summer Vilna Festival" in July this year. A large crowd listened to the pleasant performance, which he remembered and sang at the same time, and accompanied the applause and flowers to the work of the new Alina.

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