Saturday , October 23 2021

The rider recommends not to load it all: the woman does not become fashionable when the store shelves


Last Friday, a large group of Klaipeda gathered to listen to fashion ideas at the beauty studio "Boutique Coupe" – for the first time in the port city was an afternoon fashion style with fashion designer Victoria Sauliet. Of course, a woman introduced seasonal trends and what every woman in her closet should look charming on a daily basis.

Victoria Šaulyt,, talking about the trends of the season, says that fashionable women do not fall asleep when the shelves of stores are blush. Styles must be created in relation to themselves and do not try to be a victim of mass fashion.

"It seems to me that we need to pay more attention to ourselves and our style (attitudes, manners, things we like, and so on.) Trends change all the time, I think, they do not have to be dazzled because we're wasting ourselves. Or else every day! However, let's not think you'll be stylish when you buy all the "top hits" this season.

I think we are all fashionable with our personality, uniqueness, behaviors and speeches. As for clothes, as I mentioned, I do not have to load everything for myself, so we will be stylish. I suggest putting some details into their images or even innovations! Only you need to feel good, "says the stylist.

In this case, V. Šaulyt הק has paid great attention to the psychology of the woman – which makes us love one color or another, how our appearance changes in different stages of life. Women in the port city admit that elections are often dictated by the environment in which we live, but not what we want to be ourselves.

"All of us have to ask ourselves: what do I like, what colors or shadows I feel? All the answers must be internally dictated, so do not let yourself dominate the thoughts of the environment: what others will say will look at me strangely, When you have more confidence in yourself, the answers themselves will appear and you will see how clothes will naturally kill you.After all, no clothes should decorate a person, but a person wears clothes. Sometimes we do not find these answers because we are stuck somewhere.Then think about your daily routine or the work you are on Fabric makes you feel good (because you spend most of your day in it), if people are waiting for you to home are fit, you give time to self-expression and self-actualization hobbies? – Questions from the city women was raised by V. Šaulytė.

Tips for the season: basic details and clothing

Although the stylist identified the main trends of the season, she devoted most of her attention to detail and basic clothing. This combination of combinations does not compromise on women's cabinets and does not cost you money – and fashion symbols can be felt on a daily basis. "In the cold season, I can describe lamination as a trend that not only helps you look fashionable, but also protects against winter spells.The coat is always a live trend – this season you can think of the wicker or coat of the snake, Leopard writing. That will be perfect for your everyday image and appointment tonight.

Also pay attention to details: beret, scarves, gloves, belts or scarves that will enter all clothes available in the closet. I always suggest having some basic clothes in the closet, for example: pants, skirts, some shirts, T-shirts and sweaters, then play them with each other and create the picture of the trendy details for the same season. The main clothes will never come out of fashion, and it will not be difficult to buy the details – so simple and without investing huge money will create your image "- recommends a fashion designer.

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