Friday , May 14 2021

The weather forecast does not guarantee anything good: spring is not yet in full swing

On Tuesday the clouds will change with bright spells. In many areas, there is zero intermittent rainfall, and heavier clouds and heavy rainfall. Around noon, short-term storms and thunderstorms are expected in northern and central Lithuania. There will be a fairly strong southwesterly wind, in some places even strong short gusts can occur. The highest daily temperature in many places will be 5-7 degrees, in the northwestern regions only 4 degrees.

Clouds will disperse on Wednesday night. Only where short rains are not given. Southwesterly winds will weaken. In places, a drop may occur as the temperature drops. The weather will cool down to 1-4 degrees below zero, only the beach will have about one degree of heat.

Spherical clouds will form again during the day. In many places it will rain or fall briefly. Thunderstorms can be heard in some places. The southwest wind will be stronger. The temperature will reach 5-9 degrees.

On Thursday the weather changes are small. Precipitation will appear at intervals, snow at night, rain during the day, drizzle. Moderate winds will turn west. The temperature at night will be between 3 degrees Celsius and 2 degrees Celsius, degrees Celsius, during the day 5-9 degrees Celsius.

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