Wednesday , September 28 2022

The word begins with the letter L


I do not know why, but I often get the one to which people seek advice. However, a specific categorical, especially the theme of love, is divided into the messenger. First of all, the perception of what an ideal relationship should be, is more solitary than fingerprints. This is one reason to run without stopping, the other is completely natural.

In addition, as one commentator said last year, how can I talk about relationships if I'm still here? In understanding the person, the only reason never to reach the age of 24 (!) – not difficult with men. Well, it could be true that if you were alive, the eight wedding ceremony celebrating the legendary Elizabeth Taylor wisdom would add much more to this topic. Still, in my cousin's experience and the tears others have banged on my shoulder, I know one thing about human relations.

This is the magical truth, a universal tip for anyone who turns his head on a certain man or woman. The most important question you have to ask yourself before taking action is, in fact, very simple. While there are many important details in communication, most importantly they start with the letter L – those expectations. If they differ in cardinal terms, it is very realistic that in the chemical reaction the other two aspects of the same letter will also be affected. And eventually it will end with wasted time and again humor.

One of them has known the friend for the last three years. Once he knows, he does not want to have a serious relationship, but she does not give in – she is waiting for dinner, refusing other candidates on the road, and no doubt it will sooner or later commit. Or maybe a cartel will come not only with champagne but also with the engagement ring? Only the ring does not exist, this is not the case, changes in the prince's positions – Also, there are endless questions to friends about how to behave. Just remember that at that time, Liz Taylor could have married, divorced, and reunited with another. And here are the same questions, the same trouble. Of course, there is no impact on the proposal to change the expectations or the object of expectations. Another boy, after hearing the girls "Maybe we're going," half a year believed it was just a break. He seemed to understand that the relationship was just over, only the message that she had sat down with the other helped.

If someone imagines a careerist specified as difficult, and the other goes from a house that does not flutter, Berry van de Camp – a shower cabin.

When we fall in love, we often tend to throw away the thoughts of the head of the subject in the minds of those who really were not there. We interpret the words clearly as if we want it clearly, and we find thousands of excuses for insufficient behavior. We offer a variety of foreigners. Out of the sacred belief that our love alone would suffice for an adult to be self-governing, so that our great desire to be together is enough for both of us. And when the reality of the eye begins to creep so much that it can not be ignored, disappointments, accusations, conflicts arise, cry and turn around.

Leo Tolstoy wrote that all happy families are alike, and that every trouble is miserable in its own way. There are many truths here. And although it can be very unfortunate to play stereotype – mother, father, house on the freeway, two wonderful children – life has euphoria, does not require relationships, the essence is different. In fact, all happy couples and families combine the same expectations – they want a relationship of the same or at least something very similar. Because if you want to meet a few nights a week, get married and build another cottage, go to a fireworks store. If someone imagines a careerist specified as difficult, and the other goes from a house that does not flutter, Berry van de Camp – a shower cabin.

Good news – if there is a desire to be honest with another person, as well as with yourself, the issue of harmony of expectations is resolved with lightning. Just talk, hear and draw conclusions. Because otherwise we risk becoming an anecdote hero, where his father asked the boy what kind of child the boy wanted, his father replies: "You know, son, I've been inclined to spend some time …"

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