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You will get your money back for car repairs: it is important not to make this mistake


The State Consumer Rights Protection Service (SCRPA) has released key information on what residents need to know when handling their vehicle at various repair points.

SCRPA experts explain that if the services in the service were poorly performed, drivers have the right to demand:

  • Free replacement service of suitable quality;
  • Remove free service defects;
  • Lower the price accordingly;
  • Cancel the contract unilaterally and refund the price paid;
  • If the service is provided without your consent, you have the right to refuse to pay the money.

In all the cases listed, the person who carried out the repair must be liable for the damage, unless the defects were not his fault.

It is important to remember, otherwise you will not be able to claim the money

True, Dalia Malinauskienė, Director of the International Department of Public Relations at SCRPA, mentions that repair service clients should not forget to sign an important document with the service provider.

Car repair services

“The consumer and vehicle repair service provider must sign a written contract or other form of written document. Typically, in practice, the order for maintenance and repair services is standardized by filling out the order request,” a SCRPA representative said.

This application should specify:

  • Service provider data, user data;
  • The date of receipt of the order and the estimated time of execution;
  • Car data;
  • Faults and requests specified by the user;
  • A list of scheduled jobs;
  • List of parts of materials and materials (indicating their condition);
  • Warranty and Period Terms;
  • Initial price of services and spare parts and materials;
  • Other necessary information.

If the user leaves the car for repair work, a receipt must be prepared for the transfer, which must state:

  • Service provider data, user data;
  • Car data;
  • Car integrity;
  • Visible external and internal damage (cabin);
  • Dates of receipt and transfer to the vehicle;
  • Other necessary information.

The interviewer d. Malinauskienė explains that signing the mentioned documents is extremely important when disputes are resolved between the vehicle owner and the person who provided repair services.

“The order request and the receipt note will be completed in two copies, signed by both parties and one copy will be delivered to the consumer. The order request and the receipt note can be made in one document.

Car service (Photo:

This document will be particularly important in terms of evidence in the event of a dispute between a consumer and a service provider. “Otherwise, if only an oral agreement is reached, there will be proof problems in resolving the dispute,” the expert said.

The complaints are growing

The data collected shows that residents are increasingly complaining about car repairs that may be improper.

“In 2020, SCRPA resolved 87 out-of-court disputes regarding vehicle maintenance and repair. During 2021 in the first half of the year, 60 such disputes were resolved. About 300 inquiries were received in this area and nearly 200 such inquiries in the first half of the year.

Therefore, it can be concluded that consumer complaints in the field of car repair are growing, “D. Malinauskian said in the analysis.

Business owners are reminded that a decision adopted by SCRPA to resolve an out-of-court dispute resolution becomes binding if no appeal is filed in court by the parties to the dispute within 30 days.

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