Thursday , October 21 2021

Alba denies a rift with Spain coach Enrique


Madrid – Barcelona An experienced defender Vardi Alba On Tuesday denied any fall between himself and the coach of Spain Luis Enrique After leaving Alba from two consecutive national classes.

Alba was called by Enrique for the first time since he began his reign in July, for fixtures against Croatia on Thursday in the United Nations friendly league at Bosnia and Herzegovina three days later.

It was frozen for games in September and October.

"Nothing happened between Luis Enrique and I, we never argued," said the winner 2012 Euro.

"Like any coach, he makes his own decisions, we can agree or disagree with them, but I never had a problem with him or his coaching team."

Alba, who worked with Enrique at Camp Nou between 2014-2017, scored two goals early in the season to help Catalans reach the top of the league table, despite the humiliations of 4-3 Sunday to Real Betis.

A victory over Spain against the finalists Croatia World Cup on Thursday will ensure them a place in the final of the United Nations League.

But Alba, the European champion with club and state, rejected comparisons with Croatia's 6-0 overrun two months ago.

"This game will not have anything with it, it will be in Crotia and will certainly be very difficult," he said.

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