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Anwar: "Ethically difficult" for the PKR to bring down Stramam in upcoming Rantau polls – the nation


Shah Alam: This decision will be "ethically difficult" if PKR decides to remove Dr. Sutram in the upcoming Rantau elections, says the new party president, Datuk Sari Anwar Ibrahim,pic).

Anwar explained that the reason for this is that Dr. Steram was initially by the PKR during the general elections 14 (GE14) and unfairly deprived the right to take part in the polls by the Election Commission (EC).

"My opinion is that he was the candidate and was denied (to compete) in the process, and then the judge (special court) recently received a ruling.

"Therefore, to cancel his candidacy for me is ethically difficult," he told reporters at a press conference held at the end of the 13th National PKR Congress at the Ideal Convention Center (IDCC) here on Sunday (November 18).

The special court of the elections recently ruled as null and void and won the victory of Detok Sri Mohammed Hassan of his coach during GE14.

However, Anwar said that the decision to seat the candidate in Rantau's parliamentary elections was not his call, as he had to go through various stages in the process of selecting a viable candidate.

"I can not make a final decision until I accept the opinion of the kabang, the state and the leadership," he said, referring to the MPP.

While acknowledging that Rantau's seat was largely composed of self-proclaimed voters, Anwar said that it was unfair to think only about getting a candidate for Malay.

"We at PKR must make new inroads because we want to give Chinese, Indian and other races place. We can not use the excuse of kings only.

"For example, Indian voters are the highest percentage in some regions, so, so we can ignore this fact, it's unfair," he said.

With Anwar was with his wife the former president of PKR Datuk Sri Dr. Wan Aziza and Wan Ismail, who handed the wand to Fort Dickson MP after helming the party since 1999.

Dr. Stramm was denied entry to submit the form on the day of the nomination on April 28 for GE14 that he would not have an EC tag or pass.

On May 23 he submitted an election rally and asked to be elected to the seat because he claimed that Muhammad's election was invalid.

The Rantau state seat consists of about 53% Malay, 19% Chinese and 27% Indian registered voters.

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