Monday , April 12 2021

D-Link DIR-850L routers along with Unifi are not affected by the vulnerability security issue

It has recently been reported that D-Link's DIR-850L router as pictured above found that there is a new security vulnerability. It has been discovered that hackers can access your WiFi network without the necessary credentials which can put your data at risk.

According to D-Link, this problem affects DIR-850L routers with Hardware Repair A. Routers with Hardware Repair B are not affected.

The DIR-850L is one of the different routers offered by TM for Unifi broadband subscription. However, it is not affected by this vulnerability because they use a different version with a hardware fix B1.

Here is TM's statement on the router vulnerability issue:

Telecom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wants to announce that the DLink routers provided to our customers are not made by vulnerability validation. The routers provided to our customers are version b1, while the version is a.

Rest assured that the security and privacy of our customers are paramount and we will keep you posted if you need to update the security patches for your router.

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